VTuber Awards 2023 Gets Webby People's Voice Honor

Filian: "VTubers are here to stay, and I’m excited to continue bringing them to mainstream recognition."

Last year's The VTuber Awards was selected as a People's Choice winner in the 28th Annual Webby Awards Monday, May 13.

The celebrated VTuber event was recognized under the AI, Metaverse & Virtual Entertainment, Sports & Music category, sharing the recognition with Warner Bros. Discovery's immersive experience, Carrie's Closet.

The 5-hour awards ceremony broadcast December 16 on Twitch to a peak viewership of 68,951 fans was given the said recognition by the voting public. Produced by WePlay Studios and hosted by Filian, The VTuber Awards recognized virtual creators from the agency (hololive, NIJISANJI, VShojo, etc.) and independent spaces.

Filian, the individual who laid out the vision for The VTuber Awards, declared:

"VTubers are here to stay, and I’m excited to continue bringing them to mainstream recognition."

Her management at Mythic Talent also commented on the said recognition. CEO William Lucas said that it shines as a beacon of recognition and celebration, honoring the innovation and dedication of virtual creators of all sizes:

"The VTuber Awards isn’t merely an awards ceremony — it’s a testament to the boundless creativity and evolution within this unique content realm. With each passing year, we embark on a journey fueled by passion, partnership, and the unwavering commitment to elevate VTuber excellence.

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming chapters of 2024, let us revel in the triumphs of yesteryear and anticipate the thrilling spectacles yet to unfold. We’re so excited to continue marching forward with our partners at WePlay Studios and Filian herself."

Mythic senior talent manager Maddie Cohen was honored to work alongside the team, saying:

“I am honored to have worked alongside such incredible people who all helped to bring Filian’s vision to life! While our team was large, each person had such important duties to help make the magic happen behind the scenes.

Everyone strived to make sure that every step of the way, we were able to honor VTuber culture as well as Filian’s vision for the show. We are looking forward to implementing more surprises to the show this year and exhibiting more of what makes VTubers so special.”

WePlay Studios, as its official production partner, helped in building the event's format; the creation of its brand identity, computer graphics, augmented reality broadcast elements, realize its content plan and create side-content about the nominees, general VTuber history and its community.

WePlay General producer and chief visionary officer Maksym Bilonogov adds:

"We spent six intense months bringing this ambitious project to life. Through all the hard work, passion, and talent, our efforts have paid off magnificently.

This award is a testament to our unwavering commitment and the high standard of excellence we uphold. A significant part of our fantastic team is based in Ukraine, and this recognition fuels our hope to push forward.

It proves that we can perform at the top level and earn recognition from the industry, showcasing our skills on a global stage and inspiring hope and determination."

International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences confers the Webbys—the internet's highest honor, recognized as the Oscars of the internet—since 1996.

Source: Press Release via The VTuber Awards Press Office