Hololive Dominates The VTuber Awards 2023

Top VTuber org recognized by voting public, receives 9 awards

VTuber agency hololive and its overseas divisions received several awards from this year's The VTuber Awards hosted by Filian, produced by Mythic Talent and held live at the WePlay Esports Arena in Los Angeles.

Hololive Recognized in 4 Categories

Despite the absence of official representation during the major recognition, hololive Production and its talents received 9 awards in the following categories, as voted by the general viewing public:

Spotlight Awards

  • Best Art VTuber: Ninomae Ina'nis (hololive English)
  • Best Music VTuber: Mori Calliope (hololive English)
  • Most Chaotic VTuber: Kobo Kanaeru (hololive Indonesia)
  • Best Minecraft VTuber: Kaela Kovalskia (hololive Indonesia)
  • Best Roleplay/ASMR VTuber: Ceres Fauna (hololive English)

Support Awards

  • Most Dedicated Fanbase: Chumbuds (Gawr Gura)
  • Best VTuber Organization: hololive Production

Event Awards

  • Best Concert Event: Connect the World (hololive English)

Star Awards

  • League of their Own: FuwaMoco (Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard, hololive English)

Other hololive stars nominated to various categories in the said awards include Houshou Marine, Koseki Bijou, Usada Pekora, Shishiro Botan, Hoshimachi Suisei, and Takanashi Kiara.

This year's Hololive Sports Festival, as well as the fan-favorite Holocure are also nominated in different categories.

Talents React to Awards Received

First among hololive talents to react about their awards is Kobo Kanaeru, who woke up with messages from VTubers she collaborated with:

Mori Calliope wrote to her YouTube community, thanking everyone who voted for her as she was made aware of her award moments after it was announced:

Thank you so much for believing in me. This year, I released my proudest EP (JIGOKU 6) a work that I am actually very happy with. My hope is that next year, I can work hard to feel strong enough to proudly accept such an award and thank everyone in a much more open fashion.

The FuwaMoco duo also thank their fans for the recognition on stream, as they are doing their scheduled Rock N' Rawr Party at the same time.

Meanwhile, the ever-supportive hololive Indonesia star Kureiji Ollie calls for a celebration:

Watch the full ceremony of The VTuber Awards 2023 below: