Guide to VTuber Content at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2022

VTuber Fans attending Southeast Asia's biggest anime event shall expect lots of VTuber content—take a look at our guide!

We have reported the first and second wave of guests for Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2022, but with the release of the guest artists for AFA's Akiba Stage came the addition of several groups in the roster.

Here is our updated guide to VTubers at Southeast Asia's annual premier anime event. Make sure you take note of the following before entering Suntec Singapore this weekend.

Day 1—November 25

Day Stage at Hall 405: (starting at 12 noon)

  • (12:00pm) PRISM Project's "Whose VTuber Line is it Anyway?" segment
  • (1:00pm) Fulgur Ovid from Nijisanji EN's Noctyx unit
  • (2:00pm) Virtual Net Meeting segment

Akiba Stage at Hall 404-401:

  • (1:45pm) Regional Heroes: Aisha from Thailand
  • (2:00pm) Regional Heroes: V☆irus
  • (2:15pm) Regional Heroes: Hello from DigiKagi, Indonesian VTubers!

Day 2—November 26

Akiba Stage at Hall 404-401:

AFA Night Live! at Hall 405: Hololive Meet (November 26, starting at 7:00pm)

  • Meet-and-Greet + Talk Show with Moona Hoshinova and Anya Melfissa from Hololive Indonesia, and Gawr Gura and Mori Calliope from Hololive English
  • Tsunomaki Watame's Watame Night Fever!! in AFA Singapore concert

Day 3—November 27

AFA Night Live! at Hall 405: Day 2 (November 27, starting at 7:00pm)

All Days

Akiba Town

  • Gank featuring Kirakirakat (Booth B07)
  • VReverie (Booth E14)
  • Strawberry Prince (Booth C5)
  • Hololive (Booth G7)

Tickets can be purchased at the Anime Festival Asia website. As of press time, VIP Tickets for Day 1 and 3, as well as Exhibition + Stage tickets are still available online and on-site.

We will do our best to keep this page updated, but should we miss anything VTuber-related inside AFA that's not on this guide, please do tag us on Twitter (@kawa_newsdrop). Enjoy the AFA weekend!

Disclaimer: The organizer has the right to adjust the event's program lineup under any circumstance, and the latest updates from the organizer shall apply.

Source: AFA - Anime Festival Asia on Facebook / Website