AnyMind Group's GROVE Unveils First VTuber Project

This marks the first VTuber venture by AnyMind Group's media subsidiary GROVE.

GROVE, the Japan-based media subsidiary of Singapore-based influencer marketing-centric technology company AnyMind Group, has announced the launch of its first VTuber project called "Terametaru Gakuen".

The first-ever VTuber project for the company sees four initial available talents named Kasugaura Mochi, Amata Eni, Nopi Tulpe, and Neko Energico.

According to the company's press release, said VTuber project The VTuber project will provide selected talents with support for their activities, including fixed remuneration until monetization, management, production of goods, production of videos/provision of music, event/live production, production support, administrative support, among others.

Interested applicants must be at least 18 years old and above, have prior experience in VTubing, and be willing to expand their capabilities. Moreover, the company is on the hunt for talents to not just have experience in streaming and gaming content but also be willing to talk about general topics such as social sciences and music on stream, as well as able to communicate in foreign languages.

AnyMind Group's GROVE also accepts applicants who are outside of Japan. Further details on the auditions can be found here.

GROVE was acquired by AnyMind Group in January 2020, when it saw AnyMind acquire a 51% majority stake at GROVE, seeing around 150 exclusive creators and 750 registered creators joining AnyMind's influencer network CastingAsia Creators Network.

AnyMind Group, previously known as AdAsia Holdings, was founded in 2018 and consisted of the companies TalentMind and CastingAsia alongside AdAsia. The company provides industries, businesses, and professionals with a suite of AI-based solutions to enable greater growth in the influencer marketing and advertising industry.

In Japan, AnyMind first expanded in the market in 2021 and has worked with multi-channel network company UUUM in multiple occasions, most notably during its strategic partnership in March 2021, where they planned creating one of the largest-combined influencer networks in Japan, influencer D2C brand enablement among others.

The company raised ¥4 billion (approximately US$29.4 million) in funding back in June 2022 as it continues to expand its presence across Asia-Pacific. Moreover, the company has been approved for listing under the 'Growth Market' category at the Tokyo Stock Exchange in March this year.

Source: AnyMind Group Official Press Release