Behind The Model: Vexoria The Sun Eater’s VTubing Juggling Act

Mother. Lewdtuber. Charity superstar. Cancer battler. There's a lot to Vexoria's story, and VTubing is core to all of it.

Vexoria The Sun Eater, like many others, fell into content creation accidentally over COVID.

Looking for something to do over lockdown with her husband Zolon, and streaming was the suggestion. While that went well to start, there were some anxieties from showing her face online.

So then she turned to the virtual medium.

“The funny thing is I was getting my honors degree in psychology at the time I started VTubing, so I was at university full time. This was just a fun little hobby to do on the side, to take my mind off stuff.

“And then a couple of months into it, things started to really steamroll and kind of blow up for me and I was looking at Zolon like ‘so I'm going to finish my degree, but this is looking like I could potentially do this full time. How would you feel about that?’ And he was just like ‘I just want you to be happy. At the end of the day, if that's what you want to do, go and do it.’”

That decision didn’t just end up sucking Vexoria into the VTuber pipeline, it also claimed Zolon who is now a full-time manager.

But there were a few ground rules laid out at the very beginning. The “stew” of Vexoria is made up of many ingredients. Her brand might be the giant snake god devouring all the stars in the solar system.

Behind the model there is a very human element. She is a loving mother of two. She is “sexually open and charged,” shaping how she creates content⁠—especially when it comes to adult content. She’s also got a big kind heart, speaking out for any and all meaningful causes and trying to enact change in any way she can.

All that plays a part, big or small, in how she does things.

Streaming on the weekends? Unlikely⁠—that’s family bonding time, and very little outside of charity work or a big broadcast gets in the way. And as for the stories you’ll hear? They’re vetted, and usually a six- and 13-year-old wouldn’t love their mother spreading everything over the internet.

Keeping her brand of “lewd and wholesome” is also a task, especially when doing adult content. She mitigates this by getting family to help babysit every so often so she can do her spicier shoots.

“It's a lot,” she admits, “but at the same time, it keeps me busy. It makes me happy to do it. I don't feel overwhelmed by it. It's fun to be able to VTube, and I also do my best to make time for family stuff too and make time for Zolon too.”

Let’s isolate the lewd side first. Vexoria’s probably most well-known for this style of content. She streams on Fansly regularly, and even on Twitch is very open on talking about the subject.

She has gone to numerous conventions—most recently snagging another panel invite for Anime Expo to add to her credits at Anime North—to destigmatize the work. Her panel at the Toronto-based show, featuring fellow adult creator Cottontail, had a line going out the door.

But for how many people say it’s easy to bait engagement with lewd posts in the VTubing space, actually growing as an adult creator has many, many barriers.

“I've found that a lot of people shit on you a lot, or they have expectations of you and they expect you to be a certain way… if I label myself a lewdtuber, it's it doesn't mean that you can send me your peepee pics whenever you goddamn feel like it.

“When I do the adult streams, it allows me to be free and open and flirty and say all the dirty things that I want to say. It's very freeing, and I can understand how that's not everybody's cup of tea, and that's okay. Maybe I'm somebody's shot of vodka somewhere.

“I am not fully lewd all the time. I like to describe my streams as chaos and tits because it's a lot of fun and chaotic energy.”

Then equally as important are the charity streams.

Vexoria made waves late in 2022 for winning Charity Streamer of the Year at the thegameHERs Awards. It came after her stream in April, raising $16,000 for the domestic violence survivor support charity. That was a particularly personal cause for Vex after escaping an abusive first marriage before meeting Zolon.

She then went one further for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Vex was approached before her own cancer diagnosis to support the cause. Her own circumstances then led to dozens joining the collab, and thousands more watching on Twitch. It ended up being their biggest fundraiser, raising a very nice $42,069.

“Giving back has always been something that's kind of been near and dear to me. I always like to see people happy and if I can help people in any way, shape or form, I will gladly give you the shirt off my back if I can.

“I know what it's like growing up not having a lot. I see people struggling and I see like there's so many causes that are near and dear to my heart and near and dear to the community that I've fostered. If I can help people raise awareness or acceptance or use my platform for something good, I'm going to do it because I think that the world definitely needs more kindness.

“It's no skin off my back to be able to do that kind of thing for people.”

On that cancer diagnosis, it’s only a recent development to Vex’s winding story. But unlike her other traits, she’s not letting this one define her⁠—and instead is using it to continue pushing her mission forward.

“There have been very, very hard days, even though I'm a pretty positive person. It would be disingenuous to say otherwise.

“I don't consider cancer to be a death sentence. A lot of people actually don't know a whole lot about cancer. They just see what the media shows them, like in movies and stuff like that. They have these ideas of ‘Oh no, she's got cancer. She's dead now.’ That's not how it is anymore.

“I think it was Michael Douglas or somebody that said that cancer could bring you to your knees or can lift you to your feet because it can show you how you want to live your life and what really matters to you. And that kind of is what done for me in a way.

“I'm trying to just add more positivity and light and have fun while I'm out here and I have the privilege to be able to do this. A lot of people want to be able to do this. I'm very, very lucky to be able to do this, and if I have a platform like this, I'm going to do my damn best to be able to use it in a positive way and try to do my best to use it for good.”

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