Bondlive Now Under Strawberry Prince's Company

Company behind Strawberry Prince officially enters VTubing business

STPR Inc., the company behind Strawberry Prince, is officially entering the VTuber business with the acquisition of VTuber agency Bond Co., Ltd. and its related assets.

In a press release posted March 4, STPR has acquired all shares of Bond on February 29, making the latter a wholly-owned subsidiary. Bond will benefit from being part of the STPR group by combining its knowledge in the virtual liver business and STPR's expertise in producing creators.

Bond CEO Ryosuke Sumiyoshi went ahead with the major decision to be part of STPR without hesitation after seeing what the latter have produced such as live performances and attractive contents.

Under Bond Co., Ltd. are several VTuber agencies such as Bondlive, Bondlive EN, Li:start, NovelLive and SAMULIVE. The company has registered a combined 417 affiliated creators across all of its assets. Most of its talents stream through mobile applications such as IRIAM, Reality and YouTube.

Aside from its acquisition of Bondlive this year, STPR has established business alliances with the operator of Twitcasting, Moi Corporation; as well as content distribution company AppBank last year.

In August 2022, they have set up their international arm in Singapore to establish business alliances, produce and support creators. Their namesake brand—Japanese pop group Strawberry Prince—made their international debut in the said country November of the same year with their first Anime Festival Asia concert.

Source: STPR Press Release via PR Times