Brave Group's Globie Officially Unveils First Generation

The debuts of each talent are spread out from December 1 to 9, with a group stream to happen on December 9 at 19:00 (GMT).

Globie, the European VTuber agency arm of Brave Group, has officially unveiled its first generation, consisting of seven talents namely Kumanui Miel, Reina Ronronea, Taring Hu, Obari Luca, Sarugaku Leon Jr., Pippa Pebblesworth, and Ibuki Björn.

The debuts of each talent are spread out from December 1 to 9, with a group stream to happen on December 9 at 19:00 (GMT). This marks the first time Brave Group has officially entered the European market, following the announcement of its plans back in June this year.

Meet The Talents

Kumanui Miel

YouTube | X (Twitter) | Reddit
Debut Date: December 1; 18:00 [GMT]
Languages Spoken: English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin

Miel is the top talent from the globie lineup who speaks the most number of languages (6 in total), and even aims to learn more other languages including Thai and Korean. Her primary language is English and French.

  • It is evident that Miel is an avid gamer herself, showing interest in games such as Fate/Grand Order and Dofus.
  • In a Reddit AMA, she has stated that she plans on doing a specific language stream other than English every week, as she aims for a 'language barrier-free stream' that everyone can enjoy.

Reina Ronronea

YouTube | X (Twitter) | Reddit
Debut Date
: December 1; 19:00 [GMT]
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Japanese

Ronronea's primary language is Spanish, as evident in her recent Reddit AMA post.

  • Interestingly, she has a knack for Spanish metal bands such as Vita Imana, Mägo de Oz, Saratoga, among others.
  • In the same AMA, she has stated to frequently do Spanish streams, although it is something that she needs to discuss with her managers in the future. She further added that her collab streams will be fully in Spanish, as she aims to collaborate with more Spanish-speaking VTubers not only from Spain but also from Latin America.

Taring Hu

YouTube | X (Twitter) | Reddit
Debut Date: December 2; 18:00 [GMT]
Languages Spoken: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Sarawak, Bahasa Indonesia

Her name "Taring" means 'fangs' literally in Bahasa Malaysia, and of course, her model also featured some subtle fangs as well. Also, did you notice that she has a coin purse on one of her arms? That's because she needs to hear the clinking sound of the purse while moving!

  • We're quite interested to know as to why she has a great affinity with fried chicken? If we had a nickel every time she posts something about fried chicken, we'd have two. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.
  • Also, is she teasing us to never trust her smile? Who knows?

Obari Luca

YouTube | X (Twitter) | Reddit
Debut Date: December 2; 19:00 [GMT]
Languages Spoken: Flemish, English, Japanese (Basic), German

We're already in for a treat as Luca teased us an ARG-isque video about something related to their...lore? Only one way to find out: catch all their debuts!

  • Luca really loves to poke fun of their genmates, so we're just on the lookout on what their other mates have to say.
  • If there is one VTuber among the lineup that says "gaming is passion," Luca truly embodies it. No, seriously: just check out this Reddit AMA where they discuss in great detail their various favorite games!

Sarugaku Leon Jr.

YouTube | X (Twitter) | Reddit
Debut Date
: December 8; 18:00 [GMT]
Languages Spoken: English, Tagalog

We really haven't seen much activity from the other members in terms of who's really updated into the recent anime, until Leon showed up. Well...let's count Frieren and the second Jujutsu Kaisen season, right? (because they really are good)

Pippa Pebblesworth

YouTube | X (Twitter) | Reddit
Debut Date:
December 8; 19:00 [GMT]
Languages Spoken: English, Japanese, French, Mandarin, Hokkien, Malay/Bahasa Melayu

Pippa seems unapologetically British, maybe because—out of all of the meme formats she could use—she used an 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown meme template. Is she finally replacing Rachel Riley on the post? 🤣

  • She continues to be really unapologetically Bri'ish by snapping an image of her recent Sunday roast meal. I's not complete without a complimentary spotted...Richard (just to be safe).
  • If you really want to convince this Pippa to go outside, only one thing's for sure that will work: Pokemon GO.

Ibuki Björn

YouTube | X (Twitter) | Reddit
Debut Date:
December 9; 18:00 [GMT]
Languages Spoken: English, Japanese, Swedish

Did you catch the small Easter egg on his jacket? That's right: a LEET reference!

  • Also, are you aware of this self-PSA he did? That means we need to be more careful in the presence of his own kind (polar bears!)
  • Also, he really embodies the true VTubing spirit of "it ain't VTubing if it ain't scuff."

Source: Brave Group Press Release