Brave group Announces New Members to Leadership Roster

Among those appointed is REALITY Studios' founder Kosuke Sugiyama, who joins Brave group as an independent director.

Japanese entertainment holding company Brave group has announced updates to its leadership roster, which took effect in the first weeks of April this year. The new updates are part of the group's continued expansion to other businesses like XR technologies, as well as esports development programs.

The newly-appointed members for Brave group include:

  • Kosuke Sugiyama - Independent Director (Brave group)
  • Takanari Nakamura - Executive Creative Director (Brave group)
  • Yuji Watanabe - General Manager of Human Resources (Brave group)
  • Tetsuro Okushi - General Manager of Group Supervision (Brave group)
  • Genki Kubo - Director at RIOT Music Inc.
  • Xinnan Liu - Director at And Epoch Inc.
  • Ryouya Tanaka - Director at MateReal Inc.
  • Issey Sugeno - Director at ENILIS Inc.
  • Takuya Matsumoto - Director at ENILIS Inc.
  • Masako Eguchi-Bacon - Director at Brave group Europe Ltd.

Sugiyama was appointed on April 8, while the rest of the leadership roster were appointed on April 1. It is also worth noting that Sugiyama is the founder of REALITY Studios Inc. a VTuber agency that operates several VTuber projects including First Stage Production and Specialite.

I consider Brave group to be an exceptional company that has always been taking on new challenges ever since the dawn of VTubers.

At the same time, I believe that they will be facing various challenges at management level regarding their business diversification, regional development and group management upscaling.

As such, I would love to leverage the experience and knowledge that I have gained through my years at GREE and contribute to Brave group’s growth by tackling these challenges together.

Meanwhile, Brave group CEO Keito Noguchi noted that an integral part of the group's expansion also includes delegating the decisional authority to its eager business-minded members and fostering an environment where everyone can focus on their group's business.

With over 300 employees, I am fully aware that we are at the center of a period of great change but I also have the full support of our management to face the upcoming challenges with me.

We reaffirm our aim and resolve to become a world-class company that can be a proud representative of Japan while also providing the best environment for our members to elevate their career and to give out their very best.

In a previous conversation exclusive to VTuber NewsDrop, Noguchi had bared its plans to continue expanding its operations overseas, including the launch of the overseas unit of its acquired VTuber project VSPO!

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Source: Brave group Press Release