Cosplay Up! Lists Yashiroma Mea and Shijou Yuri as Guests

Two virtual singers will be introducing themselves to the Philippine audience this March

Philippine organizer One Final Dream will host its second Cosplay Up! event at the Malabon Grand Hotel events place on the weekend of March 11 and 12. Among the guests listed are virtual singers Yashiroma Mea and Shijou Yuri.

Yashiroma Mea

Mea describes herself as a "666-year-old devil" who also has a penchant for gaming, streaming games such as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Splatoon and Cult of the Lamb on her gaming channel. She frequently holds karaoke streams on her main channel.

Shijou Yuri

Yuri debuted her original song Hareiro Skip in May 2020. Aside from singing, she also plays a variety of games. She debuted with a new model June last year. She recently held a successful crowdfunding campaign to debut a 3D model last year, exceeding the target funding goal by around 200%.

One Final Dream's second Cosplay Up! event also lists several guests:

  • Olivie, Aki, Hanari and Toto (cosplayers from Hong Kong)
  • Lia Bear, Diane Sabandeja, Jane Yu, Roxanne Kho and Zack Tolosa (Filipino cosplayers)
  • Elybunny, Jenanimation (Filipino Animators)
  • Nero Nero (DJ performer)

Ticket pre-orders for Cosplay Up! 2023 are still open through its official website. Guests' schedules are also listed on the said website.