Cover Corp Unveils ¥2.7bn Studio, To Support Virtual Distribution

The 2.7-billion-yen studio will be used to create more engaging content for fans.

Cover Corporation, the technology parent company of VTuber agency Hololive Production, has unveiled a new studio worth 2.7 billion yen (around US$20 million), which will be used to support its existing virtual content distribution to produce more engaging content to its fans.

The studio is equipped with a motion capture studio, a chroma key studio, and a recording studio, all on the same floor, allowing recording to be performed in accordance with the content. The entire studio area has a span size of more than 10 tennis courts, making it one of the largest in Japan.

Moreover, the newly-built motion capture studio is equipped with more than 200 of the latest VICON cameras, VALKYRIE (VK-26), to improve capture accuracy and capture delicate motions from the talents.

Following the opening of the new studio, Cover Corp has announced a recruitment briefing for those who are interested in working in the new studio. Recruits will be entertained by the company's Chief Technology Officer Ikko Fukuda to strengthen recruitment of studio delivery and technical staff.

The new studio launch follows recent support by the company on the augmented reality (AR) solution ToF AR, a software development kit developed by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation.

Source: PRTimes