COVER Corporation to Establish North American Subsidiary

VTuber leader establishes first overseas office aimed at localization efforts

Hololive Production's parent company COVER Corporation is set to open its first office outside Japan, COVER USA, in North America. COVER USA will facilitate the business' global expansion and is aimed at localization efforts.

CEO Motoaki Tanigo (YAGOO) expressed his excitement for the company's first overseas subsidiary: "We are excited to announce the establishment of our first overseas subsidiary to further bring awareness to the VTuber culture in North America.

"Through our North American subsidiary, we aim to expand our local [public relations] efforts and business operations. We look forward to collaborating with various local companies in the future and are excited about the opportunities ahead."

Documents posted on COVER's investor relations website show (PDF) that the new overseas division is set to be established in California, has a capital of around nine hundred thousand dollars, and is planned to start operations by the second quarter of the fiscal year ending March 2025.

COVER participated in over 20 anime conventions worldwide under the hololive Meet banner, as well as hosted its first large-scale live concert in the North America region, Connect the World.

Prior to this, hololive Production and related assets Holoearth and Hololive Alternative exhibited at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas last year.

Source: News Release
Note: COVER amended their news release to indicate that COVER USA is a subsidiary.