EIEN Project Announces Second Wave 'Haven', Debuts November 4

The new wave is composed of talents are composed of talents Zumi Dokumi, Mirri Saffire, Blaise Shinryu, Amora Lumina, and Nanimo Navi.

EIEN Project has announced the debut of its second wave named Haven. They are composed of talents Zumi Dokumi, Mirri Saffire, Blaise Shinryu, Amora Lumina, and Nanimo Navi. The new wave will debut on November 4 starting from 12pm PT or 3pm ET.

At the moment, indie VTubers Bao the Whale, Maia, Camila and Ywuria are set to do a watch-along of the 'Haven' debuts. EIEN Project is also inviting other content creators to host an official watch-along, with more details on their form.

Meet The Talents

Zumi Dokumi

A chaotic frog with a deadly poison seeks to rid herself of her toxic nature by making a wish to a mysterious sea creature. However, her wish takes an unexpected turn, a dark portal opens with a familiar hand pulling her in.

  • Being a frog herself, she really wants her fans to join her 'frog cult', and gets sad immediately when she learns that many people don't like the rain.
  • We hate to say this, but there's an irony between what she claims her real height is versus what her other gen mates have to say. On one post, she claims to tower over the rest of the 'Haven' wave, while on another she gets absolutely dominated by fellow talent Blaise.
  • Her character designer is Shouu and is rigged by Reinly. Her official BGM can be described as a "mysterious yet calm melody while exploring the marsh".

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Mirri Saffire

A journey of self-discovery quickly turns into more than she bargained for. A warm light grants her a chance to start over, right her wrongs, and put a smile on the face of everyone she meets."

  • We finally get an answer to the question "what does the fox say?", and she offers a rather unheard sound (or song) to the untrained ear.
  • She can be your calm fox girl next door, or she can be this caffeine-addicted fox girl who intakes energy drinks in the wee hours of the morn.
  • Her character designer is PoPooch, rigged by Reinly as well. Her BGM is best summed as a "feel-good Owl City-esque track from his 'Ocean Eyes' album".

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Blaise Shinryu

From books to blades, the fire of revenge had led her astray. Finally, she's found herself back on the right path.

  • As the new generation's resident 'buff anime girl', she also took the liberty to share a morning exercise routine for her followers. True sigma energy here folks.
  • Outside of that strong independent aura, she can also be calm (and dorky). But, let us take a second here: why does she eat the banana peel in the first place?
  • All jokes aside, both her character design and rigging are done by Amane Uta, with her BGM best described as a "subtle yet groovy bassline track".

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Amora Lumina

After a lifetime of living up to royal expectations; Her new duty is bringing love and hope to the people of the universe, one planet at a time.

  • One ought to be careful to be around her, as she can wreck havoc due to her towering presence. (Sorry Zumi, Amora is the true tall one in the group)
  • When she's not out terrorizing city dwellers, she finds herself bothering other genmates, with poor Nanimo getting confused all of a sudden.
  • Whice Studio both designed and rigged her model, with Skye Shinryu also assisting in the design, with her BGM being a "lofi track subtly giving these celestial vibes".

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Nanimo Navi

Born from advanced tech, dedicated to royalty, Nanimo Navi navigated both stars and royal whims. Yet, it's her bond with a curious princess and the ticking of her own time that might be the most compelling voyage.

  • She really made an entrance with her first tweet of having us at gunpoint unless we share a good meme with her.
  • Despite that, we got to handle it to her on how she really tries making some dance moves: even if it's bouncing around with her robot legs.
  • Her model is designed by Riko and rigged by Bri. The BGM is best described as a "main menu-isque chill tune, paying ode to the digital realm".

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