Entertainment Conglomerate Yoshimoto Kogyo Debuts First VTuber

This marks the entertainment company's first VTuber venture, as they mostly known for their comedy shows.

Yoshimoto Kogyo, a Japanese entertainment conglomerate known for its owarai (Japanese comedy) shows, has released its first VTuber named Azumi Muu. The VTuber was launched through its entertainment subsidiary FANY.

Azumi Muu's debut stream
  • FANY also collaborated with the company Bachame, who operates a creative studio. Bachame will be responsible for various activities such as VTuber talent support, video and various event planning, sales activities related to the tie-up acquisition, and product development.
  • Her lore describes her as an alien who has visited Earth, but enjoyed it so much that she preferred to stay on this planet.
  • She celebrates her birthday on the 29th of November, and loves meat and baseball. Her design was made by XUEFEI.

One of the oldest entertainment companies in Japan, this marks Yoshimoto Kogyo’s first venture into the VTubing industry. Aside from their owarai shows, they have also signed recording artists and groups such as NMB48 and JO1.

Source: PR Times; Featured Image: XUEFEI