Filian, Strangeloop Studios Team Up to Produce Live Motion Capture Variety Game Show

Strangeloop implements the technology for the game, the first of this scale in the independent VTuber space.

Strangeloop Studios has directed & produced the first ever large-scale independent motion capture variety game show VTuber event of its kind.

With commentary from Neuro-sama, VTuber: Hole In The Wall went live on Twitch, bringing together popular independent VTubers Filian, Camila, and Trickywi in one night.

The contestants participated in a game show where they attempt to fit through human cutouts of styrofoam walls live on stream. Unlike other game shows, these contestants will be wearing motion capture suits, controlling the virtual avatars known and beloved by their online communities.

In an email received by VTuber NewsDrop, Strangeloop will implement the technology and motion capture suits to broadcast the contestants, which will be the first of this scale in the independent VTuber space.

"I've always loved those amazingly absurd Japanese gameshows that make you question what good entertainment looks like. And most of all, I've always wanted to be in one," Filian said in a statement.

"Thanks to Strangeloop Studios, Mythic Talent, and Fansly, it's becoming a reality! This event is a milestone for VTubing, as independent virtual creators can now create real life gameshows in a virtual environment! I can't wait to see what else is possible in the future."

Strangeloop's CEO & co-founder Ian Simon added, “We were thrilled when Fillian approached us with the idea for VTuber: Hole in the Wall. We've been looking for an opportunity to bring our real-time animation pipeline into a live, gamified environment, and I couldn't imagine a more fun opportunity to do so.

"We're extraordinarily excited about the future of the VTuber space and virtual entertainment. This first-of-its-kind event is a landmark step towards showing the world what's possible."

At the end of the show, Filian confirmed that she will upload exclusive behind-the-scenes show footage to her Fansly in a couple of days. She has also assured viewers that this is just a first attempt, and there will be another coming up soon. This comes after Layna Lazar, Shylily and Projekt Melody were unable to make it.

In the past, Strangeloop worked on an event with Kizuna AI, creating their first virtual concert for the Japanese VTuber. Strangeloop has also created their own virtual beings, such as LV4, who has amassed over 140,000 TikTok followers and performed for sold out crowds at The Shrine in Los Angeles as an opener for massive EDM DJs Zeds Dead.