FIRST STAGE PRODUCTION to Debut First EN Group, Avallum

Avallum's five members are set to debut on January 27 as FIRST STAGE PRODUCTION expands into the English-speaking VTuber sphere.

Japanese VTuber agency FIRST STAGE PRODUCTION is branching out into the English-speaking sphere starting January 27 (US time) when their first male quintet, Avallum, debuts.

Gale Galleon, Cassian Floros, Lucien Lunaris, Zander Netherbrand and Rosco Graves make up the unit.

The agency turned heads with their audition process back in July when they opened up an audition process asking prospective talents to align themselves with one of the five designs. Now, they’ve found their perfect matches.

A brief description of each member is as follows:

  • Gale Galleon: A charismatic captain and leader of the most feared pirate crew of his time. During the Age of Discovery, he was a wanted man who crossed swords with many dangerous pirates and amassed bountiful treasures.
  • Cassian Floros: A narcissistic elf whose strength lies in combat and magic. He seeks a greater destiny in life and is willing to associate himself with lower beings to pursue such a purpose.
  • Lucien Lunaris: A vampire who has lived for hundreds of years, he has somehow lost his memories and can only vaguely remember his past. He wanders the world in search for peace and a place to call home.
  • Zander Netherbrand: An alluring incubus who seeks freedom, power, and to live as he desires no matter the consequences.
  • Rosco Graves: A zombie boy who was thrust into a new world near the start of his undeath. Even though he’s a corpse, his rowdiness and quick-wit would convince you otherwise.

The five-piece group will debut on January 27 at 6PM PT in a debut relay with Gale leading the way. Each debut will last for 30 minutes, before a group collab beginning at 8:45PM PT.

FIRST STAGE PRODUCTION is one of four operated by REALITY Studios. They have 13 active members as part of their Japanese arm, while an extra 13 are spread across their Specialite, Vebop Project, and RK Music arms.

Existing top talents include RK Music’s KMNZ, VESPERBELL and FIRST STAGE’s Amae Ten.