Folklore VTuber Group Balangay Live Debuts 1st Generation Members

Three new debuting members focus on "enchanting" everyone with their tales

Philippine indie VTuber collective Balangay Live will be debuting its first generation members on Saturday, February 17.

The collective describes the 1st generation Marahuyo stars as follows:

  • Haliya, the mistress of midnight, a gentle but fearsome manananggal from the tallgrass field, will be debuting at 7:00 pm.
  • Alab, the melodic muse, an elusive and crafty songbird who refuses to be caged, will be debuting at 8:00 pm.
  • Majii, the maiden of misdirection, a beautiful diwata who’s just as lost as you are, will be debuting at 9:00 pm.

Called “ninang” by her followers, Haliya enjoys RPGs, puzzle games, and visual novels. She likes showcasing independent games made by small creators. With her soothing voice, she hosts chill just chatting and storytelling streams. (Twitter/X · YouTube · Instagram · Facebook)

Alab is crafty, figuratively and literally, as she is just as skilled in escaping her would-be captors as she is in crochet and other fiber crafts. Expect craft-with-me handcam streams and cozy gaming from this creator with the iconic tittering laugh—but don’t let the rainbow-colored hair fool you, this retired League of Legends player has Pentakill in her personal playlist. (Twitter/X)

The protege of Maria Makiling herself, Majii is just getting used to controlling her glamour. An artist who specializes in calendar girl poses and bounciness, she likes playing collaborative horror and FPS games. Sweet as she may seem, don’t you dare trash talk her or her friends lest you face the wrath of her kind. Her Valorant main is Brimstone. (Twitter/X · YouTube · Tiktok · Facebook)

Marahuyo is a Filipino term which means "to be enchanted," which describes the lore and setting of the said members. In a press release sent to VTuber NewsDrop, they left a message to the viewers: "Halina’t marahuyo at mabihag sa mundong mahiwaga at marilag." (Come, be enchanted and captured in a mysterious and majestic world.)

Joining the three new members are Bibi Bakunawa and Mino Minokawa from Generation 0: Liwayway. The group also said that future generations will debut colorful characters such as a man-eating mermaid, a professional hoarder goddess, and a potato with attitude.

Established in 2022, Balangay Live aims to promote Filipino folklore and culture.