Globie Announces Second Generation Debut Starting April 12

The new generation will be split into two sub-generations: the all-male "Equinnox" and the all-female "Solstia."

Globie, the VTuber project of Brave group Europe, has announced the debut of its second generation lineup, composed of eight talents namely Vilhelm Vanderbos, Komiyama Ambros, Vance Van Creed, Kohaku Hyouma, Kiri Kilovolt, Bonnie Barkswell, Alicja Da Lontano, and Rhubarb N. Kustard.

Debuts for the talent will begin on April 12, starting 19:00 (British Standard Time). The new generation is split into two sub-generations: Equinnox, which will be a male sub-generation, and Solstia which will be a female sub-generation.

Equinnox will have an overall darker appearance and be represented by the symbol of the Moon, whilst Solstia will appear vibrant and colourful and be represented by the symbol of the Sun. The two sub-generations will, however, be one unified 2nd Generation and will be collaborating frequently with each other and the first generation post-debut.

Equinnox, The Male Sub-Unit

Vilhelm Vanderbos

YouTube | X (Twitter)
Debut Date:
April 12, 2024 [19:00-20:00 BST]

Vilhelm is described as the noble and wise owl of Equinnox, who has been tasked with guarding a mysterious pendant. His content will focus on art, storytelling, and playing cozy games. He has a calm and comforting presence, with a real focus on creativity and ideas.

  • In true fashion of his persona, we now learn that there's a concept called the "productivity gum", thanks to our noble and wise owl talent. And apparently spearmint gum works best!
  • We love some good comfort drink suggestions, but we really love this one from him: warm milk with honey, valerian root, cardamom and cinnamon.

Komiyama Ambros

YouTube | X (Twitter)
Debut Date:
April 12, 2024 [20:30-21:30 BST]

Ambros is described as Equinnox’s golden fennec, nicknamed “Dango” for his love of sweet things. With a risque sense of humour and a competitive streak, Ambros’ streams will be a fun time (perhaps not for the whole family). Ambros likes to be shady, but at the end of the day, he is, as his nickname suggests, a sweetie.

  • We're not someone who'd like to "expose" talent's favorites ahead of their debut, but it seems that Ambros easily gave away his enthusiasm for the 2018 survival horror game Identity V, evident with this post showcasing a limited A-tier costume in-game.
  • Also, can we talk about those ears? We're excited for the debut so that we can properly see the micromovements of those ears.

Vance Van Creed

YouTube | X (Twitter)
Debut Date:
April 13, 2024 [19:00-20:00 BST]

The crocodile bad boy of Equinnox, he is also known as a self-described vandal secretly harbouring a heart of gold. Vance’s streams will include D&D, RPGs, and a healthy dose of rich, deep-voiced ASMR. Vance has made his statement already: he has a shirtless toggle and he’s not afraid to use it.

  • We're pretty surprised that Van is a pretty talented sketch artist, as evident with her simple sketches of his other genmates (and there's a whole lot more actually).
  • There's already a snippet of his shirtless toggle actually, but too bad you really can't see it. You only have to imagine it.

Kohaku Hyouma

YouTube | X (Twitter)
Debut Date:
April 13, 2024 [20:30-21:30 BST]

Hyouma is the mystical, magical white tiger of Equinnox. Isekaied from a fantasy world, Kohaku has set up shop here at globie. Amongst his wares you will find competitive gameplay, a great sense of humour, and occasional brattiness. He’s literally counting the days until he can stream again.

  • Looks like Hyouma really doesn't want to have his fans turn on notifications for his tweets, as he admits that he would be unsure if the tweet's spelling is actually done right.
  • He also embodies the rest of us in terms of mixed music likings. I mean, 2000s Avril Lavigne to Slipknot to Love Live idol music ain't bad after all, right?

Solstia, The Female Sub-Unit

Kiri Kilovolt

YouTube | X (Twitter)
Debut Date:
April 19, 2024 [19:00-20:00 BST]

Kilovolt is the giraffe racer girl of Solstia, known amongst her genmates for her big boisterous personality (trapped in an allegedly small body). She loves shooters, racers, or anything high octane. Kiri has boundless energy and ambition. Look forward to energetic and hilarious streams.

  • For all of our Bri'ish fans out there, Kiri offers her ultimate Tesco lunch meal deal! Please let us know if it's actually worth it for £3.90.
  • She notes that once fans "see" her, they won't be calling her that anymore. Which is sort of ironic because her description alleges she has a small body with a boisterous personality. Maybe looks can be deceiving?

Bonnie Barkswell

YouTube | X (Twitter)
Debut Date:
April 19, 2024 [20:30-21:30 BST]

Barkswell is the panting, tongue-wagging dog of Solstia. She’s a talented artist and innovative streamer with vision, insight, and ambition... whenever she’s not chasing balls. Bonnie is going to make you laugh, whether you like it or not.

  • Can we admire both the cuteness (and also the humor) in this promo video of Bonnie? After all, the "Destruction_Metal_Pole_L_Wave_2_0_0.wav" meme is still hilarious.
  • Setting that aside, she has some rather...down bad meal deal choices.

Alicja Da Lontano

YouTube | X (Twitter)
Debut Date:
April 20, 2024 [19:00-20:00 BST]

She is the hyper-productive cow girl of Solstia. A rigger, an artist, a streamer, a singer, a supporter of the VTuber community, is there anything this cow can’t do... oh yeah, play video games. Look forward to fascinating artistic and technical streams.

  • We know that she's already an artist, but can we talk about how cute her art is? She really is an all-in-one creative package it seems!
  • If anything, Alicja embodies the true VTuber experience: forgetting that your recording is still on and exposing the mundane tasks you do online.

Rhubarb N. Kustard

YouTube | X (Twitter)
Debut Date:
April 20, 2024 [20:30-21:30 BST]

Kustard is described as the bombastic bunny girl of Solstia. With business acumen and a sweet shop to run, what’s a girl to do? Play Euro Truck Simulator and yap, apparently. Rhubarb’s streams are likely to be unique, unpredictable, and probably contain dubious financial advice.

  • We can't help but laugh at the name: a vegetable and a dessert combination. Also, it seems that her place, Rhubarbia, is like a Soviet era place?
  • Also don't worry Rhubarb, we're not meeting at the backrooms, and we can still wait for your debut!

Source: Press Release