idol Debuts 'idolES EternalS' Unit, To Target Spain and LATAM Audiences

The first idolES lineup includes Meica05, Koa Akugaki, Ruby Runeheart, Lalabell Lullaby, and Taiga Toragami.

Popular VTuber agency idol has recently debuted its idolES EternalS unit on May 3, marking idol's official foray into the Spanish-speaking VTubing audiences globally, including Spain and Latin American countries.

Meica05, Koa Akugaki, Ruby Runeheart, Lalabell Lullaby, and Taiga Toragami have already garnered significant fanbase following the debuts, with Meica bringing in her existing YouTube fanbase to support the new talents, who are now averaging 10,000 subscribers each.


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The most relevant virtual streamer in the Spanish-speaking sector joins idol's Hispanic branch as one of its first talents. She speaks Spanish and Japanese natively, her singing skills and fun personality make her not only the number one VTuber, but also one of the most popular female streamers in the whole Spanish-speaking territory.

Koa Akugaki

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Being one of idolES's anticipated talents, Koa assumed the role of a little demoness who has set out to create chaos on earth with her funny jokes and sense of humor. She is able to speak three languages (Japanese, English and Spanish).

Ruby Runeheart

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A necromancer who has been held captive in a palace for some time. After her release, her mission is to become a popular streamer. Ruby is able to speak Spanish, English and Japanese and specializes in diverse streams where you never know what might happen.

Lalabell Lullaby

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The cutest idolES talent. Lala is a magical girl with bunny ears who fights for justice and the power of dreams. In her streams she will focus on being suitable for all kinds of audiences, playing family games, singing and creating smiles.

Taiga Toragami

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The divine roar. Taiga is an experienced singer and voice actress who exudes vibes of serenity and calmness. Her live performances will focus on competitive games, talks and, above all, karaoke sessions. She speaks Spanish, English and Japanese.

At the moment, idol has three English generations which includes GENESIS (Kattarina Qutie, Nikki Rei), E-Sekai (Yuko Yurei, Juna Unagi, Rin Penrose, Fuyo Cloverfield), and Endless (Roca Rourin, Poko Rakun, Kai Saikota, Coni Confetti, Momo Otako).