GREE Inc.'s REALITY Studios Launches New VTuber Agency Specialite

Female-character centric agency opened its auditions earlier this month for aspiring talents in Japan and also overseas.

REALITY Studios, a VTuber production business fully under Japanese internet media company GREE Inc., has launched a new VTuber agency called Specialite, a female-character centric agency. Auditions for its first wave had opened last May 1 in Japan and globally.

According to the agency, their VTuber talents will focus on the management of game streamers who love and are skilled at computer/video games regardless of genre. Moreover, with its experience in talent management, the agency will do its best to support their talents to become successful globally.

REALITY Studios has also stated that they are also willing to accept auditions overseas, adding that after someone had passed the audition, the agency can invite them to their office in Tokyo (ex: for recording in the studio), and they will cover the transportation fees.

The requirements for audition include:

  • Good at playing computer/video games and/or enthusiastic about gaming,
  • Must be at least 18 years of age and the age of majority in their jurisdiction of primary residence as of the start of the application period,
  • Able to play a female character/avatar,
  • Not currently affiliated with an entertainment agency; or if so, should be able to end or terminate their contract at their own risk once they pass the audition, and
  • Able to stay active with the project for more than one year.

Auditions will last up until May 31. You can check out the auditions page here.

Gree Inc. has business interests in VTubing—its game studio Wright Flyer Studios has a subdivision named Wright Flyer Live Entertainment (WFLE, est. 2018), which is in charge of smartphone application Reality.

WFLE also manages VTuber rappers Liz and Lita (known together as KMNZ), VESPERBELL and First Stage Production under its Reality Studios division.

Source: PRNewswire