Hololive English Gen 3 Advent Revealed With Five New VTubers

Hololive English has finally revealed Gen 3, Advent. Nerissa Ravencroft, Koseki Bijou, Shiori Novella, and duo Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard make up the five new VTubers.

It might have taken nearly two years to get to this point, but hololive English is finally expanding with five new VTubers making up Gen 3.

Codenamed Advent, the group was initially teased at hololive’s Connect the World concert earlier in July 2023. The drip marketing started on July 22⁠—with five fugitives seemingly on the run⁠—and fans were treated to all the knowledge in July 25’s full reveal.

The seventy second teaser didn’t provide much in the way of what content to expect out of the new group, but it did give a first look at their new models and names.

Shiori Novella, Koseki Bijou, Nerissa Ravencroft, and duo FUWAMOCO (made up of Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard) are their names, and they’re all wanted for something.

In order of appearance, here’s a bit about them all:

  • Nerissa Ravencroft is “The Demon of Sound” according to her dossier: “Her powerful love turned into a dark power that inhabited her singing, giving her music the potential to drive the entire world mad.” She was once sealed away, where she fell in love with Japanese otaku culture “and is currently fascinated by idol songs and penlights.
  • Koseki Bijou is “The Jewel of Emotions”. This caused quite a stir in civilization, with many fighting over her attention and ownership. She brings a positive aura, where “her radiance shines even brighter” when surrounded by good vibes.
  • Fuwawa Abyssgard is the older half of the FUWAMOCO duo and “The Fluffy One,” simple described as a “bouncy and boisterous girl who loves to chat and play.”
  • On the flipside, Mococo Abyssgard is the more rambunctious “The Fuzzy One.” She ropes the older Fuwawa into her activities. As for the prison break the whole group is a part of, Mococo only took part “just for the heck of it.”
  • Shiori Novella is “The Archiver”. She loves turning stories and treasured memories into bookmarks, but she was imprisoned after obtaining some forbidden knowledge. She is, ultimately, the mastermind of the prison break.

While hololive has added male talents in their Holostars English group in the near 24-month gap—both Tempus generations debuted in this time⁠—this is the first female-presenting addition to the mega-popular group since August 2021.

In fact, hololive as a whole hasn’t expanded at all since March 2022 and the debut of hololive Indonesia Gen 3.

Hololive English Gen 3 will debut on July 29 and 30 Pacific Time. Shiori Novella will lead off the Saturday debuts at 8PM PT, with Koseki Bijou following at 8:45PM PT.

Nerissa Ravencroft and FUWAMOCO will all debut the following day at 8PM and 8:45PM PT respectively.