Hololive ERROR Available to Wishlist on Steam

Game will be released on the platform Fall 2022

Hololive ERROR, an upcoming horror title published by COVER Corp. and developed by Mogura. The game which features Hololive talents such as Tokino Sora and Shirakami Fubuki now has a Steam store page, where enthusiasts can add to their wishlists and follow before its Fall 2022 release date.

First announced in July 2021 with a teaser video, and a 360° video that following August showcasing some beloved VTubers, Hololive ERROR will be a first-person action-adventure horror title following a journalist for an occult magazine investigating paranormal occurrences in the town of Aogami:

“The stage is set in Aogami-cho, which is known in the neighborhood as the so-called "town with a story" because of its many eerie legends and incidents.The main character, who is a reporter for an occult magazine, will follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, who was a reporter, and report on the strange things that occur in this town.

He should be spending his time gathering information and writing articles in a hotel room, but when he realizes what the reasoning is, he ends up in a mysterious school.”

According to Siliconera, Hololive ERROR boasts multiple endings that unlock depending on how the player progresses through the game. There is a free version of the game available on the Hololive Error website, though it is only in Japanese.

Though the Steam store page doesn’t list a price tag, Cover Corp’s own Hololive Error store page has a price of ¥1,000, which is around US$7.21.

Banner Photo from Hololive ERROR (Truth) website