Hololive, Universal Music Group To Launch Joint Label

Said joint label aims to support the recently-announced 'Blue Journey' music project by Hololive.

VTuber agency Hololive has announced that it is teaming up with Universal Music Group to launch a new joint label called holo-n. Said joint label aims to complement Hololive's latest music project Blue Journey. You can check out the announcement video for the joint label below:

According to a comment from a producer of Blue Journey, they believe that the cooperation through the establishment of a joint label will allow them to work together in a way that will allow the audience to enjoy a new aspect of the talent.

Moreover, the producer also noted that they will put a renewed spotlight on the voices and songs of their talents and strive to deliver their appeal to a wider and wider audience.

Meanwhile, Takeshi Okada, managing director of Universal Music EMI Records, commented that they are looking forward to supporting the talent of Hololive to the fullest extent from a musical standpoint, and to share their music to the world.

Blue Journey was first teased to the public on March 19 this year. As of this writing, there are three singles out namely I Am Alone (performed by Minato Aqua, Houshou Marine, and Tsunomaki Watame); you ≠ me (performed by Sakura Miko, Houshou Marine, and Omaru Polka); and Dear Youthful Days (performed by Minato Aqua, Amane Kanata, and Yukihana Lamy).

Universal Music Group has also Hololive English's Mori Calliope signed under its label, debuting with her EP titled SHINIGAMI NOTE, released on July 20, 2022. This was then followed by her album SINDERELLA on December 16, 2022; and her upcoming EP JIGOKU 6, which will be released this August.

Source: PRTimes