Idol on Agency Transparency and Stability

"Understand that talents are the lifeblood of your agency. Without them, agencies hold no real power or meaning."

Idol Virtual Talents has become a rising name in the agency VTuber scene, with its scalability being evident from the debut of its idol Origins unit to the two generations of its English generation.

More recently, the agency came into the spotlight after it laid out its agency-talent revenue share: a first for the industry.

VTuber Agencies Reveal How Much They Take From Their Talents
A handful of VTuber agencies are addressing some misconceptions about how VTuber agencies operate.

To learn more about the agency's reasons for this industry move and insights on the current VTuber industry, NewsDrop spoke with idol CEO Aviel Basin to learn more about this recent move.

The Reason for Transparency

What prompted you to do the agency transparency updates in the first place?

Aviel Basin: We recognize that with growth, comes the responsibility to establish trust and credibility. Our decision to be transparent stems from our commitment to foster trust, set industry standards, and ensure talents and fans understand our dedication to our own talents.

A Symbiotic Relationship

For idol, what particular strategies does the agency have in mind to always ensure the business operates smoothly while making their talents well-compensated at the same time?

Our primary focus is on reinvestment. We view reinvesting in our talents as an investment in our future.

The rationale is simple: the more our talents grow, the faster they continue to grow. By supporting their content production and other needs, we help them produce better, more engaging content, which in turn benefits our brand. This symbiotic growth strategy has been our guiding principle.

Regarding expenses, while we strive to never decline a talent's request, we do operate within a structured budgetary framework. This means that we sometimes schedule expenses over time to ensure our operations remain consistent and stable.

Which Area Should Be Kept Undisclosed

Despite these transparency updates, what particular agency operations would you say are still best kept undisclosed for the most part?

Our future expansion plans, specific upcoming projects, and marketing strategies will remain under wraps.

This is crucial for two reasons: to retain the element of surprise for our fans, ensuring they always have something exciting to look forward to, and to maintain our competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry.

Thoughts on the VTubing Scene

As the idol's CEO, what do you think is next for VTuber agencies in terms of scalability and talent diversity?

The VTuber landscape is still in its nascent stages, and there's much more to explore. VTubers are reshaping the contours of entertainment.

Diversity will be key–not just in terms of nationality, but also genres, content styles, and collaborations. Agencies that innovate, embrace diversity, and maintain a talent-centric approach will lead the way.

Advice for Fellow Agencies

With so many up-and-coming VTuber agencies closing due to failing to stay afloat, what advice could you give in terms of having the business kept afloat and relevant?

Firstly, always be open to feedback and tune in to what the community says. They often see things from perspectives we might miss.

Additionally, don't rely solely on the talents to elevate your brand. Work in tandem, taking initiative to promote and support them as you build your agency's reputation.

With idol setting this precedent for the VTubing industry, what advice would you give for fellow agencies out there in terms of being transparent to talents, stakeholders, and fans?

Understand that talents are the lifeblood of your agency. Without them, agencies hold no real power or meaning.

Always view and treat them as partners, never as subordinates. Invest in their growth and well-being, because when you uplift them, you're directly uplifting the future of your agency.

Huge thanks for Aviel Basin for taking the time to do this interview. You can be updated on the latest idol's initiatives by checking out their Twitter page and official website.