Interview: V4Mirai's Abi Kadabura and Kou Mariya

Only on VTuber NewsDrop: Let's talk to Abi and Mariya after their ALA 19 concert experience!

V4Mirai hosted its first concert experience at Anime Los Angeles 19, the earliest anime con scheduled this year. All members from Brave Group's US VTuber brand showed up to close to a thousand fans at the ALA19 main stage Saturday, January 6.

In addition to the Crystalis and Petalight generations, VShojo's Ironmouse and Kson also performed during the concert night.

The day after, VTuber NewsDrop's field man Clawmaster (dressed up as FalseEyeD from Things VTubers Say) sat down with V4Mirai stars Abi Kadabura and Kou Mariya to discuss their experiences performing at the concert.

Also, stay tuned until the end to know what are their plans for the future.

For those who missed the ALA19 V4Mirai Concert feat. VShojo, you can watch the ticketed VOD on VStream this Saturday. Special concert merch is also available at the Brave Group US Official Store.

Special thanks to Brave Group US for the interview opportunity.