Ironmouse Partners With BTMC In osu! Beatmapping Contest For Waifu Jam

Ironmouse's new song Waifu Jam is now part of a osu! beatmapping contest with $1,000 on the line.

It was only a matter of time before the popular rhythm game osu! did an official VTuber crossover. Now it’s finally here though, thanks to VShojo’s Ironmouse and top streamer BTMC.

The duo has joined forces to reveal a $1,000 beatmapping contest for her single, Waifu Jam.

It’s not the usual beatmap contest format, which tasks players with designing the most interesting or fun map to play all up. Instead, it’s broken down into sections, judging individual sections of the map and only progressing people to the next stage if each one stands out.

“After a preliminary screening phase, the top 16 submissions will be placed in a 1v1 tournament-style bracket to compete,” the official blog post stated. “From there, it'll be up to the community to vote and decide which maps proceed through the bracket!”

Entries will be open until the first week of May. On top of the $1,000, osu!’s developers have also hinted at a unique Waifu Jam profile badge as a top prize.

Ironmouse’s first original single, Waifu Jam, was first revealed during her birthday concert in January. It was produced by Camellia, who is also an osu! featured artist with many iconic songs and beatmaps in the rhythm game.