Japan's Creator Economy Association Taps Tech, VTuber Companies for Review Group on Slander

The review group aims to discuss slander and defamation countermeasures from a cross-industry perspective.

The Creator Economy Association (CEA) in Japan has tapped several technology and VTuber companies to launch its own review group regarding slander called "Study Group on Countermeasures Against Slander".

The review group is composed of VTuber company giants Cover Corp and ANYCOLOR, as well as influencer marketing company UUUM, streaming platform giant YouTube, and popular Japanese blogging platform Note.com.

According to CEA, the study group is composed of stakeholders from said participating companies as well as representatives from the Centre for Global Communications at the International University of Japan, led by associate professor Shinichi Yamaguchi.

CEA hopes that through this study group, countermeasures against slander in Japan can be unified through a cross-industry group that will tackle these issues and come up with stratregies to lessen slander and defamation-related incidents.

It should be recalled that Cover Corp's Hololive and ANYCOLOR's Nijisanji have collaborated in an inter-agency countermeasure against slander and defamation towards their talents. The countermeasure, launched in December 2022, the countermeasures were made talent-first in mind.

Hololive and Nijisanji Collaborate Against Slander and Defamation
This is an unexpected inter-agency collaboration that the VTubing community will watch out.

Japan has long been known to implement strict measures and laws against slander and defamation. Its Criminal Code (Article 230-1) states that:

"(1) A person who defames another by alleging facts in public shall, regardless of whether such facts are true or false, be punished by imprisonment with or without work for not more than three (3) years or a fine of not more than 500,000 yen."

Source: Creator Economy Association on Note