Japanese VTuber Fans Rank Their Favorite Groups

hololive most loved by Japanese male fans, females prefer NIJISANJI, Neo-Porte and VEE - Survey

Yano Research Institute released (in Japanese) its findings from a survey they conducted November last year, featuring responses from 1,104 VTuber fans (555 male, 549 female).

Based on this survey population, the research provider figured that VTuber fans are mainly composed of men in their teens to 30s, and women in their teens to 20s.

Japanese VTuber fans pick their favorite domestic VTuber groups. [©2024 Yano Research Institute Ltd. All Rights Reserved.]
  • The domestic survey shows that hololive Production has an active Japanese male fanbase (64.2%).
  • Meanwhile, NIJISANJI is more favored by the females, with a much higher response than male fans preferring hololive (74.9%)
  • Other groups mentioned in the survey include Nanashiinku (chosen by 9.5% of male respondents), .LIVE (9.7% of male respondents), VSPO! (19.3% male audience) and Aogiri High School (16.2% male).
  • Aside from NIJISANJI, Neo-Porte gained a higher reception among female fans (12.4%) versus the male demographic (10.2%). This is the same with Sony Music Virtual's VEE project (6% female).

The same research company projected (in English) the growth of Japan's VTubing industry to reach 80 billion yen in the 2023 fiscal year, attributing 51.3% of the total profits to merchandise sales (tangible items and music downloads) based on a research they also conducted last year.