Kiii Ventures Into VTubing With 'Viiins': Rie Tanaka, Ayumu Murase Appointed as Ambassadors

The first generation of 'Viiin's VTubers will be announced this June.

Kiii, a Japan-based multi-channel network (MCN) influencer marketing company, has announced its venture into the VTubing scene with a new project called Viiins. As part of the announcement, popular voice actors Rie Tanaka and Ayumu Murase have been appointed as ambassadors for said project.

A second wave of ambassadors will be announced later this month, while the announcement for the first generation of Viiins will be made in June this year.

According to the company, the new VTuber project aims to create VTuber models from scratch, with the talent and hired artists joining forces together to conceptualize original ideas for future VTubers.

Moreover, Kiii's Viiins also proposes the so-called Re:Avatar project, which focuses on VTuber models that are left unfinished and abandoned and will be re-released as virtual avatars that aspiring creators can use.

Lastly, the company's proposed revenue model for its VTuber talents will revolve around a profit model that is in proportion to the amount of activity by considering the distribution of profits according to the creator's area of expertise.

Kiii was founded in 2017 and is currently managed by Ryuichi Imagawa.

Source: PRTimes