Kizuna AI Inc. Advisor Resigns as Contract Ends

Said advisor states that her exit had nothing to do with leadership changes inside the company

Kizuna AI Inc. announced that its advisor, voice actress Nozomi Kasuga, will step down from her position as her contract ends this month. This announcement was released on the company's corporate X/Twitter account Friday, March 29.

The company is also changing its representative director effective March 31: Takuro Arai will be replaced by Takeshi Osaka. Osaka is the founder and CEO of its parent company Activ8, where Kizuna AI was firstly affiliated with.

Said announcement also shares Kasuga's message to fans, partners, and staff for their support and encouragement:

[...] The days I spent here were precious and significant in my life, and I believe your understanding and support made it possible for me to be here today.

Although I am resigning, please be assured that I will continue supporting everything related to Kizuna AI. I hope you will continue supporting Kizuna AI Inc. Thank you very much.

Kasuga—known to be the voice behind the virtual character who coined the term "Virtual YouTuber"—followed the official message with her tweet.

She explains that she had been planning to quit her advisory duty following the flagship character's indefinite hiatus two years ago, just right after the hello, world 2022 concert. However, she continued to help out for a little while afterwards.

Her resignation as an advisor has nothing to do with the leadership change. She points out that despite many disappointing moments, she's still in good terms with Osaka.

The voice actor made it clear that she is the character's voice model and not the person inside; and that AI-chan will always be the same even if she leaves her. Writing with optimism, she joins everyone in looking forward to the day the eponymous character will one day wake up from her long sleep.

Osaka in his message gave emphasis on the strong relationship the founding members and outgoing president have built with its fans and partners, and is committed to honoring those connections and building upon them:

[...] We aim to work closely with fans, creators, and partners, both in Japan and across the globe, to create a more connected and vibrant future for Kizuna AI Inc. Together, we will do our utmost to ensure that Kizuna AI Inc. continues to thrive for years to come.

Kizuna AI Inc. was established in May 2020 as a talent and artist management and production outfit revolving around the Kizuna AI character and related brands. Currently, it handles VTuber talent Love-chan, the ENGI-MONOGATARI project, and the #kzn singeroid voice profile for CeVIO AI.

One of Kizuna AI Inc.'s projects, the original animation series Kizuna no Allele which had two seasons, will cease producing new content by end-April.

Source: Kizuna AI Inc. on X/Twitter