Miria, Virgil To Graduate from KoMETA on June 26

Following their graduation, both IPs of said VTubers will be retired from use by KoMETA.

KoMETA, a Philippine-based agency, has announced the graduation of its remaining talents Miria and Virgil on June 26.

According to the agency, both talents have agreed to not renew their contract with their agency, dating back in April this year, as well as recent agency incidents that have impeded production and content from their talents.

KoMETA further added that with the graduation of Miria and Virgil, both IPs of both VTubers will be retired, with the agency further added thay they will be announcing in the future about their policy on legacy content

The announcement comes weeks after the agency clarified its stance on its flagship VTuber Elaine, who graduated on May 8 this year. Moreover, this also comes at a rocky time for the agency who received backlash following its initial desire to replace the talent behind Elaine.

In an interview with NewsDrop following the aforementioned events, KoMETA CEO Gira has expressed his understanding of the multiple feedback the agency received at the time after Elaine's graduation.

I can really see why there was initially negative feedback about our course of action after Elaine's Graduation. I understand the frustration. We regretfully had to withhold important details because I can't commit everyone to an unpleasant but business-prudent decision (see: our amendment on the availability of Elaine's content) while a better path is possible and being worked on.
It's been a VERY turbulent few weeks; emergent business developments and everyone's feelings towards the situation has rapidly shifted and switched the viability of our initial choices. In the end of internal discussions, we determined that the course of action we posted about on Twitter is best on all aspects of KoMETA Virtual Live Corp.

KoMETA first announced its first generation auditions on June 29, 2021 with the trio of first generation talents debuting on December 7, 2021.