Kyo Kaneko, NIJISANJI EN Star, to Graduate February 17

ILUNA member known for crazy antics to leave agency after 1.5 years

Kyo Kaneko is the second NIJISANJI EN member to announce his graduation this year. The agency released the announcement 11pm Japan time.

"As a member of ILUNA, Kyo debuted in July 2022 and he attracted and entertained many fans with his unique humor, wit and creativity. We sincerely appreciate his hard work and have utmost respect for his achievements in NIJISANJI EN."

Kyo will cease his activities after February 17 Japan time, his YouTube membership will be stopped on the same date, and sale of merchandise will be stopped gradually.

He later clarified on stream following the decision that his channel's VODs and highlight videos will stay after his graduation. However, his social media and membership content will be set to private.

Kyo's reason for his graduation is that his interests and NIJISANJI's interests no longer align like they used to before. Even so, he expressed that he has achieved everything he can as a NIJISANJI EN talent, and he is thankful for his time in the agency's English branch.

ILUNA will stay as a group with Maria Marionette, Aster Arcadia, Aia Amare, Ren Zotto and Scarle Yonaguni continuing their activities.

As a member of the branch's 6th wave ILUNA, Kyo will be remembered the most for having an appearance which resembles a printer (owing to his model's color scheme), a contagious laugh, and most importantly for the way he says his catchphrase, "That's crazy."

"I will miss being everyone's big brother," Kyo expressed towards his colleagues at the agency's branch. He also thanks his fans (Kyomies) for being with him and supporting his activities, saying that even if he's no longer with them, he wishes for everyone of them to keep hanging out.

Despite admitting that he lacks singing talent, his humor stands out: "I think they regret hiring me for my humor," he said in jest while recalling his concert experience at Anime Impulse Los Angeles last month.

One of his achievements is to gather several VTubers for a "VTubers The Buzzer" collaboration. It was noted that he continues to stream despite reportedly having medical concerns, making him one of the strongest livers in the NIJISANJI EN roster.

Fans can still send him messages until March 17 Japan time, around a month after his graduation date.