Lone Alpha ‘Virtual Paradise’ Review - Your Next Summer Playlist?

'Virtual Paradise' by Lone Alpha is more than just a feel-good album: it's your anthem for the upcoming summer experience.

It has been three years since music producer Lone Alpha was able to release a new album, the latest being the 2020 instrumental collection Maritime. Since then, the artist has moved to collaborate with many VTubers to create chill electronic and dance tracks. All of that has culminated to his latest album Virtual Paradise: best described as an optimistic collection of incorporating the diverse VTubing talents to his signature electronic music production.

Virtual Paradise is not just a one-sided electronic music album: it’s a wide array of various music genres overlaid to Lone Alpha’s own electronic dance production.

Take for instance the first track to the album “Here We Go” alongside popular VSinger Kyoresu (now with Idol Corp as Riro Ron). Not only does it have your typical chill hip-hop beats, it has also the flair of bossa nova into it. This is hugely showcased in the next track “Let Me Dance” alongside Miori Celesta, which also features a rather interesting take on mixing easy rock with bossa nova.

The album also feels like a fitting tribute to the incoming summer season (well, at least here in Southeast Asia), as it knows that the things we care for now are easy-going lyrics alongside great music production and a surprising artist performance.

This was the case for me when I heard “Lovesick Loop” for the first time. Performed by AkioAIR’s Kion Dojima, one can easily imagine being in a convertible on a hot summer day, blasting this track while jamming to it. Or how about “Can I Get To Know U” by Nini Yuuna which is more chill, much like cruising on a highway on a cold summer evening—perhaps after a party.

Moreover, Lone Alpha’s Virtual Paradise later becomes a pool of chill tracks with each track having its own level of intensity. Want a more dance-y bossa nova track? Try “Repeat” with Rachie or “Souvenir” with Girl_dm. How about a winded-down track? Perhaps “Flourish” with Kitsui Akira will do the trick, or “Harbor” featuring Phase Connect’s Kaneko Lumi.

Of course, there are still tracks with their own gem being its own tribute to the craft of VTubing. For instance, the track “Digital Love” (just like the namesake of that popular Daft Punk track) is performed by Shabel Tonya, Crydiaa, Nini Yuuna, Miori Celesta, and Yoclesh, and is an ode to the craft of VTubing: being themselves as creators, and how one must maintain a well-balanced parasocial relationship.

By the way, have I mentioned that my favorite track of all in Virtual Paradise will be “Seasons” by PRISM Project’s Shiki Miyoshino. I get it, this track was released a long time ago, but it still holds up: a sweet message, very chill beats, and really blends well with the ideal summer theme.

Overall, Virtual Paradise composed by Lone Alpha is nothing to go deep about: it’s your feel-good VTuber-studded album, equipped with the appropriate energy of being out in a summer season, blasting out these tunes. Go frolic in the sun—and bask in its greatness with this album.

Final Verdict: 4.8 out 5

Virtual Paradise (Lone Alpha)

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“Virtual Paradise” is now out across major streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music)