MAHA5 Indonesia's Zen Gunawan To Graduate on June 30

In a follow-up tweet, Zen Gunawan said that MAHA5 Indonesia has decided to close off the VTuber IP.

Zen Gunawan, a VTuber talent under agency MAHA5 Indonesia, is set to graduate this June 30. The announcement was made on the agency's official Twitter page.

With the scheduled graduation, MAHA5 Indonesia said that Zen's accounts, including the YouTube channel and other social media platforms, will be shut down after the graduation.

It is assured however that the sale of Zen Gunawan's merchandise will continue for the remaining stock.

Since August 3, 2020, Zen Gunawan has been an active and cherished talent within MAHA5. His captivating content and entertaining collaborations with various content creators have undeniably touched the hearts of many audiences.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our utmost respect and gratitude for Zen Gunawan's invaluable contributions as a MAHA5 talent. Rest assured, our support for Zen Gunawan will persist until the day of his graduation.

Following the announcement, Zen Gunawan had held a stream to explain the update. (As of this writing, the stream has been privated for the mean time).

In a follow-up tweet, he said that the agency has chosen to close off Zen's VTubing entity. In the tweet, he said that "as sad as it sounds, I'm more heartbroken by it."

Zen Gunawan debuted alongside Lumi Celestia and Nia Redalion in August 2020 as part of MAHA5 ID's second generation. As of this writing, the talent has over 200,000 YouTube subscribers and over 46,000 Twitter followers.

MAHA5 is a VTuber agency handled by digital advertisement company Rentracks. The agency has presence in both Indonesia and Japan, aiming to bridge Indonesia and Japan through popular Japanese entertainment such as anime and VTubing.