MAHA5 Japan Terminates Two Talents Amidst Prolonged Inactivity

Both of the talents' respective social media accounts will be deleted after June this year following the termination.

The VTuber agency MAHA5 has terminated two talents from its Japan roster namely Hinai Roze and Ryou Ryouryouno. According to the agency, both talents have agreed to terminate the contract due to prolonged inactivity.

Both accounts will be closed officially after June this year. The agency further stated that all attempts to discuss with the talents to continue their activities were made, but to no avail from the talent's side.

MAHA5 has also asked fans not to further speculate on the matter or ask other active members regarding said announcement.

Hinai Roze debuted on January 20, 2021, and currently has over 1,000 subscribers. Her last stream was made on October 10, 2022: seven months before the termination announcement. She was last seen tweeting on January 23, with a prior tweet on January 2 greeting her followers a "Happy New Year", and asking them to wait as "she recovers".

Meanwhile, Ryou Ryouryouno debuted on October 10, 2021, and has over 1,000 subscribers as well. She made her last stream on May 30, 2022: almost a year before said announcement. Her last tweet was made on June 29, 2022: with no further indication it will lead to a prolonged inactivity for the talent.

MAHA5 is a VTuber agency handled by digital advertisement company Rentracks. The agency has presence in both Indonesia and Japan, aiming to bridge Indonesia and Japan through popular Japanese entertainment such as anime and VTubing.