Malaysian VTubers Unite for a Surprise Collab Celebrating National Day

VTubers from Amber Glow, Projek Hikayat, Hoshizora Entertainment and the independent scene cover a remix of "Aku Negaraku" introduced in 2017.

Several VTubers in the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia gathered to cover a remix of Aku Negaraku, celebrating the country's National Day today, August 31. The song—introduced in 2017—aims to instill patriotism among Malaysians.

VTubers from agencies Amber Glow, Projek Hikayat and Hoshizora Entertainment as well as the independent circuit performed the song:

When asked why this was the chosen song for the National Day collaboration, executive producer Project Orbit through its founder Zee San said: "The decision to feature 'Aku Negaraku' in our VTuber Music Video was rooted in a desire to celebrate and promote unity in diversity among Malaysians.

"The song, while distinct from the National Anthem 'Negaraku,' holds its own significance as a symbol of national pride and identity.

"'Aku Negaraku' was chosen to reinforce the values of unity, inclusivity, and patriotism, which are fundamental to the fabric of our diverse nation. By remixing this song with the creativity and vibrancy of our VTubers, we aim to connect with the general public and fellow VTubers in a way that resonates deeply with their individual experiences and backgrounds.

"We are confident that our 'Aku Negaraku' remix will be welcomed with open arms by VTubers across Malaysia and the wider audience. Our focus on promoting unity in diversity, through the powerful medium of music and VTubing, reflects the very essence of Project Orbit's mission.

"It's an opportunity for us to come together as a community, celebrating our unique stories while embracing our shared identity as Malaysians."

The full credits for the collaboration are as follows:

This is Project Orbit's latest major collaboration following their ACG x Agency initiative at AniManGaki 2023 (with Hoshizora, Projek Hikayat and CoolnKultured) and their Weekly Dose of MYVTubers video series.

Project Orbit has recently acquired Taka Kazuki and Elfie vers Amastacia to form its Stellar generation.