MetanoiaLIVE to Cease Operations August 28

Current VTubers will continue streaming independently.

Indonesian VTuber agency MetanoiaLIVE has announced it will cease operations Monday, August 28 after 2 years of operations. MetanoiaLIVE thanks fans for supporting their activities over the past two years.

The group will cease operations due to financial difficulties which hampered its ability to provide support to its talents. Following the disbandment, the talents will be granted intellectual property rights to their characters, tools and YouTube channels to continue streaming independently.

CEO Indra Gunawan admitted in a separate post on X (Twitter) that the decision was not an easy one to make, but he believes that "this is for the best of everyone involved."

MetanoiaLIVE is home to talents such as Janu Ranata (who graduated April this year), Tada Ace, Karissa Sharlotte, Charles Caitou, Igni Redmond, Esme Kingsleigh, and Fiona Clearesta. Active talents held their thank-you stream the night after the said announcement.