Mika Melatika, Riksa Dhirendra, Xia Ekavira Set to Leave NIJISANJI

Latest set of graduation announcements leave 7 remaining members from what was then its Indonesian branch

NIJISANJI has announced another set of graduations from the Indonesian branch, which was officially merged into the domestic flagship in April 2022:

  • Xia Ekavira (November 27, 2023 - Monday)
  • Mika Melatika (December 28, 2023 - Thursday)
  • Riksa Dhirendra (January 11, 2024 - Thursday)

Mika and Xia are both part of the sixth generation NIJISANJI ID branch, 6WS. They will follow genmate Hyona Eliatora who will graduate on Sunday, October 29.

Riksa is part of the second NIJISANJI ID generation CloverMcOver. Genmates Amicia Michella and Miyu Ottavia have already graduated; and with Riksa's graduation, only Rai Galilei will remain among members from the said generation.

Among the graduating members from this set, only Mika has posted a letter on X:

By next year, only 7 Indonesian livers will remain from the 19-member Indonesian branch.