Mori Calliope Releases Music Video for Let’s End The World

Popular Hololive English VTuber Mori Calliope has released a music video for her track “Let’s End The World”. The song is produced by Vocaloid producer Giga-P and popular Japanese music producer TeddyLoid.

Let’s End The World is the last track of Mori Calliope’s SHINIGAMI NOTE EP, the first extended playlist collection Calliope released as part of her record label deal with Universal Music Group and EMI Records.

The latest update comes weeks after Calliope held her first-ever major solo concert “New Underworld Order”, last July 21 at the Toyosu PIT live music venue in Tokyo.

Calliope remains as the Hololive English member with the most number of original song and album releases. Her past EP releases include “DEAD BEATS” (October 2020), “Your Mori” (April 2021), as well as her first album “UnAlive” (March 2022). She is also known for her single tracks such as “Off With Their Heads”, “end of a life”, “cursed night”, as well as her collaboration tracks like “Villain” with AmaLee, “Graveyard Shift” with BOOGEY VOXX, and “YONA YONA JOURNEY” with Taku Inoue.