MusicDrop: Eirene's First EP "My Wish" and Her Message on Acceptance

We spoke with eirene regarding the EP's primary theme of acceptance, talking about her musical inspirations, and even asking what's her most favorite track on the EP!

For MusicDrop's latest feature, we now turn our heads to "My Wish", the first EP (extended play) of Projekt Nova's eirene. The EP consists of six tracks: "Come True", "1 Dimensional", "Crown", "Falling Behind", and "My Wish"; which was released through an official listening party hosted by the talent on VRChat on October 6.

We spoke with her regarding the EP's primary theme of acceptance, talking about her musical inspirations, and even asking what's her most favorite track on the EP!

Understanding The EP's Theme

Q: For those who will be listening to the "My Wish" EP, what would you say is an overarching theme listeners can expect from it?

eirene: "My Wish" is based on the issues and struggles I have personally faced in the past two years of my life. It focuses a lot on self-acceptance and breaking through into self-love, paired with funky beats that you can dance along to.

Her Favorite EP Track

Q: This is a tricky question to ask, but which track from the EP is your favorite and why?

eirene: It's a hard question indeed, but I would have to say "Falling Behind" is my favorite track from the EP. The instrumental itself is very unique in my opinion– there is no way you can listen to this song and not move even a bit in your chair.

Despite the upbeat instrumental, "Falling Behind" is actually the most vulnerable song in the EP. It expresses my inner thoughts; ones I don't share with the public, about the expectations that have been put on my shoulders these past couple of years. This song, as well as the other 4, means a lot to me.

On Musical Inspirations and Production

Q: Your first EP touches base with genres of pop and R&B. Could you tell us more on the musical inspirations behind this EP?

eirene: My musical inspirations are Billie Eilish, EDEN, LE SSERAFIM, aespa, Taemin and Ren Zotto, to name a few. As you can tell, it is a list of talented artists from western pop, Korean pop and even a fellow VTuber.

They do differ in genres and music style, but all of them have touched on a topic that I feel deeply about, which is self-acceptance, in their own ways. I am very inspired by the way their songs are written, especially when they are just unapologetically…them.

Q: In this EP, you've worked with three producers (BigBadBeats, Stoodarion, Pacific). Could you tell us more about the process of working with them?

eirene: I didn't have any input when it came to production. This is because 4 out of 5 songs in the EP were from ready-made instrumentals on YouTube. I have gotten into the habit of practicing my songwriting on ready-made instrumentals, and BigBadBeats as well as Pacific have been my go-to producers.

After writing "1 Dimensional" and "Crown", my friend, Stoodarion joked about producing a dark pop instrumental with bass and naming it "eirene type beat" – that was how "Falling Behind" was made.

I was advised by a fellow artist 2 years ago that writing songs on ready-made beats is good practice, and I personally would recommend this to anyone who is starting their songwriting journey as well.

What's the EP's Overall Message?

Q: As a last question, if you were to sum up your EP in one word, what would it be and why?

eirene: Acceptance.

I learned to accept myself and the things I struggle with as I worked on this EP. I learned to accept how imperfect life is, and that is okay. I learned to accept that I will stumble and fall, over and over again, and that is okay. I have accepted that I will always accept those feelings, get back up and try again.

We thank eirene and the team at Projekt Nova for taking the time to answer our questions. "My Wish" is currently streaming on Spotify and YouTube Music. You can also be updated to her streams and other updates by following her on Twitch, YouTube, and X (formerly Twitter).