MusicDrop: Idol's Juna Unagi Pops Off With First Original 'Homeostasis'

We talk with Juna on the creative process on her first original song, and how this ties up to her current VTubing journey.

When you begin your debut with a powerful rendition of Ado's USSEEWA, what can fans expect from a VTuber whose voice has that angsty power and drive? An original song is a no-brainer answer for sure.

When NewsDrop caught wind of Juna Unagi's first original song Homeostasis, everything fell into place. Prior to this release, she has also covered other popular Japanese songs such as Phony, Strange, Demon Lord, and Haru no Sekibaku.

For our latest MusicDrop, we talk with Juna on the creative process on her first original song, and how this ties up to her current VTubing journey.

Understanding Song Concept

Q: First off, what made you decide that "Homeostasis" would be the title of your first original song?

Juna: Looking at the English translation of the song, you can see how the character is fighting against an “outside” change that is effecting them. Homeostasis means, by definition, how a living thing can have their internal stability while adjusting/fighting with outside change. I thought that it would fit well with the song and it seemed straight forward.

Q: Prior to the production process of said song, were there any specific musical inspirations that drove the creative process for your song?

Juna: Funny enough, as much as I enjoy singing I do not really listen to music during my free time. Although this is the case, there are many producers and singers I admire!

Producers I can name that I showed for some inspiration come from Jon-YAKITORY and Biz. As for vocal inspiration, I really enjoy KANKAN, their vocal usage and how they express their energy through their music makes my ears very happy.

Lyrical Direction

Q: Could you tell us sort of a brief explanation and/or storytelling behind the song's lyrics?

Juna: I’m a huge fan of dystopian-esque stories as I grew up reading them as a kid. The way I saw the story was just about a person who wanted to see some change, may it be change to wherever they were or to themselves.

Q: On the translated line "I see this shadow that is laughing so thinly, chasing after me so gleefully", one could allude that the song touches base on the issue of creators having identity issues. As a VTuber, how would you say this song delves into such topic?

Juna: The fun part about lyrics in the music industry is that it can be interpreted in so many ways. Personally for that specific line, it represented your subconscious, your real desires being pushed aside in order to give off this image you want to present yourself as.

As a VTuber myself, I try to be as true to myself since that makes me happy and makes me feel like the work I put out there is my own authentic self. This does not apply to everyone as we are all humans with different ideas of happiness.

On Production and Inspiration to Fans

Q: Could you tell us a bit on how the process of working alongside Fuminsho for this track happened?

Juna: I’ll be very honest, it was a pretty straight forward process! We got into contact with Fuminsho and provided him with details of how I wanted the song to feel. Though I am grateful for Clay(Video Editor), Kazune(Audio Engineer), and Hoonkiah (Artist) for bringing the song together with their respective specialities. Without everyone, the possibility of this song becoming a reality would not have been possible.

Q: If there is one message you'd want fans to learn from this track, what would it be and why?

Juna: One message I’d like my fans to learn is to find ways to express themselves. I’m grateful that I’m able to express myself due to the support of my 'Fameely' members as if it weren’t without them I don’t know where I’d be.

We thank Juna for her time with this interview. 'Homeostasis' is currently up on her official YouTube channel.

Song Credits

Music: Fuminsho
Mixing/Tuning: Tetsuya Kazane
Illustration: Hoonkiah
Music Video: VClayLien
Vocals: Juna Unagi