MusicDrop: Shichide's "Haven" on Evoking a Sense of Homeliness

We recently caught up with Shichide in time for her ongoing donothon to walk us through the creative process for "Haven", as well as a kind message for her fans through this song.

In celebration of her two-year anniversary of doing online content, independent VTuber Shichide has finally released her very first original titled "Haven".

While our recent MusicDrop releases such as those from JerFlow and Kuwanano have focused on very hard-hitting melodies, this one from Shichide takes listeners a step back and focus on reminiscing a sense of homeliness.

We recently caught up with Shichi in time for her ongoing donothon to walk us through the creative process for the track, as well as a kind message for her fans through this song.

The Inspiration Behind "Haven"

For your first original song, what theme did you went for? Tell us more what inspired you to go for this theme?

Shichide: I've finally found myself and what I want to do in my life in VTubing so I wanted my first original song to tell exactly how I felt. I want my community to feel how grateful I am that I met them so I told my songwriter that I want a song about being lost and then finally finding a place where I belong.

It is worth noting that "Haven" is released as part of your 2-year anniversary. How much of this inspired the overall meaning of this track?

Shichide: I almost graduated last 2021 because of certain reasons but I've decided to continue because I really love being a VTuber. From wanting to graduate to finally finding a community where I belong, I think the song perfectly expressed how thankful I am that I have found a safe place to be myself. I want my community to feel how thankful I am to them that I am able to reach 2 years as a VTuber.

Impressions on "Haven"

Given that this is your first original song following your multiple song covers over the past few months, what are your initial thoughts following the initial release of "Haven"?

Shichide: I actually was very anxious. I kept overthinking because I recorded the song when I have allergies (I have allergic rhinitis so everyday is a struggle).

I was insecure of my vocals and I wished I could record again but my community assured me that they will love whatever it is that I make.

On the premiere stream, I was so overwhelmed by the positive comments I've received from them. I finally felt confident with my song although I still doubt myself sometimes. (laughs)

Who would you say are your main musical inspirations for this track and why?

Shichide: Honestly for this track I didn't really have any inspiration. I just wanted a ballad that will portray my feelings of being lost and then finally finding a place where I belong.

My songwriter and producer did a great job bringing my ideas to life! Special thanks to Jogabogi and Pomegranola (I love you guys! <3).

Messaging and Advice

If there is one word that best describes 'Haven', what would it be and why?

Shichide: Home. All my life I didn't really know what I wanted until I gave VTubing a try and it felt like home. I've found a community where I belong. I know I can open up to them whenever I'm sad or happy because they understand me and they are so wholesome.

Is there any message you'd like to say to your fans regarding this first original song?

Shichide: To my shichimkens, thank you for your support and for never giving up on me. I know I almost left you guys and graduated but thanks to your encouragement, two years later and I'm still here.

Thank you for your very warm and positive reception on my first original song dedicated to you. I hope my feelings were able to reach you!

Let's make more happy and comfy memories together!

We thank Shichide for her valuable time to respond to our questions immediately despite her ongoing donothon.

You can watch her via Twitch and YouTube, as well as keeping up to date with her activities via her official X (Twitter) page.

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