Nijisanji EN Debuts New Male VTubers under Krisis Generation

For the first time, three new male EN VTubers will share the same world as their JP counterparts

Nijisanji EN announces the debut of three new male VTubers—Vezalius Bandage, Vantacrow Bringer and Yu Q. Wilson—who will share the same world as other Japanese virtual livers for the first time.

The three new VTuber talents under Krisis generation will start their activities on Twitter and YouTube today, June 21 (June 22 in Japan).

  • Yu Q. Wilson is described as a playful but skilled hitman, greeting both friend and foe with enthusiasm. (Twitter / YouTube)
  • Vantacrow Bringer is a trusted ace famous in the underworld for his business card that reads: "Leave no trace, but leave results." (Twitter / YouTube)
  • Vezalius Bandage is a medical soldier whose bandages have eccentric healing abilities. He turned even his body into an experimental subject in his efforts to save others. (Twitter / YouTube)  

Mysta Rias and Rosemi Lovelock will welcome the three new VTubers with a special program to be streamed on YouTube Saturday, June 24 at 7:00pm PDT (June 25, 11:00am Japan time). Two hours after the program, Welcome Goods and Voice Packs will be on sale.

The three new VTubers join other heroes from the East (Oriens: Saiki Ittetsu, Akagi Wen, Usami Rito, Hibachi Mana) and the West (Dytica: Hoshirube Sho, Murakumo Kagetsu, Koyanagi Rou, Inami Rai) who early this year debuted as part of the main Nijisanji branch.

Oriens, Krisis and Dytica generations of Nijisanji's male VTubers. (Nijisanji / Anycolor Inc.)