Nijisanji's Mirei Gundou Graduates June 21

Popular VTuber also apologizes for baseball-related tweets which led to her suspension in March this year

Nijisanji's Mirei Gundou is graduating from the agency on Wednesday, June 21, Japan time, almost three months since her indefinite suspension. The agency released a statement on Twitter stating that this decision was made upon mutual agreement with the company.

  • The graduation ceremony is set for June 21, 2023 at 11:00 Japan time.
  • Her YouTube channel, fan club, Twitter and other related social media accounts will be closed to the public on June 22, 2023.
  • Sales of goods, voice packs and other content will be suspended also on June 22.
  • Fan letters are accepted until July 31, 2023.

Gundou uploaded an apology video the same day as the graduation announcement, where she deeply apologizes for her tweet: "[...] As many people pointed it out, it was a statement lacking morals. [...]*"

*Excerpt from video transcript translated by Hikaru.

Gundou was suspended indefinitely by the agency from VTubing activities on March 23 following an inappropriate tweet over baseball the day before. This happened at the height of the World Baseball Classic with Japan eventually winning its third title this year, with sports news website Sponichi Annex also reporting on the matter.

  • Nijisanji sincerely apologized to all baseball fans and other people who may have been offended by her tweet.
  • It also added that since the start of her activities in the agency, there have been several instances of inappropriate language and behavior—and despite their repeated warnings, she still posted such tweets.
  • The decision to indefinitely suspend her was made with the company understanding that this is a serious problem, and that the talent's tweet shows a lack of awareness as a streamer.

Mirei Gundou is described as a female teacher at a boys' school who loves sake and snacks, and is notable for her character which was described as not wholesome.

As one of Nijisanji's longest-serving talents, Mirei Gundou debuted as a talent in January 2019 alongside Yuzuki Roa, forming what became the Usa-chan club. She had more than 448,000 Twitter followers and 456,000 YouTube subscribers at the time the graduation announcement was posted.

The agency also hosts the annual Nijisanji Koshien where its talents compete against each other on stream playing Konami's Power Pros. Meanwhile, Nijisanji's parent Anycolor Inc. resumed trading in the Japanese stock market following the announcement, in which it closed with a 1,000-yen gain (15.15% from Friday's closing).