Nijisanji’s Lie:verse Liars Mixed Media Project Releases First Novel Serialization

Lie:verse Liars—a mixed media project by VTuber agency Nijisanji, media conglomerate KADOKAWA, and graphic design company BALCOLONY—has revealed the first release from the project, a light novel titled “Lie:verse Liars: How to Start a Bad End That Will Make Us Happy.

The novel is penned down by Japanese light novelist Kazuma Ōtorino, and is currently serialized on MF Bunko.

The Lie:verse Liars mixed media project incorporates several Nijisanji VTubers as characters in the story, and each have their own voice actors being cast for future projects. The main cast includes Kana Sukoya as Saki Himekawa, Alice Mononobe as Stella, Eru as Hana Fuwa, Lize Helesta as Yuragi Kigsu, voice actors Takahide Ishii as Meguru Tokitoh, and Taku Yashiro as Ruu Haizura.

As part of the project, which was launched on July 8 this year, a promotional trailer was released:

Lie:verse Liars is expected to expand its media release into several media such as an anime adaptation and a manga series.

Source: PRTimes