Nijisanji’s Selen Tatsuki Opens Up On “Creative Rut”, New Channel Direction

Selen Tatsuki believes she's in a "creative rut", with the Nijisanji EN VTuber revealing a fresh direction for her future content.

Selen Tatsuki is known for her big events and even bigger personality. Having hosted some of the largest collaborations within Nijisanji—both within the English branch and internationally—she has built a following of Dragoons who love her for her skill and work ethic.

But she opened up on her crisis of confidence on an April 24 stream, stating she felt like she was “slacking a lot on my channel lately” because of a “creative rut”.

“I’ve not been thinking about going beyond what I can do in Nijisanji EN. I feel like I’m doing the bare minimum—playing games and checking out after that, on repeat. I haven’t been reaching out for collabs a lot recently, or new people.

“I feel like that’s been the past 2-3 months. I feel like I could do a lot more.”

It comes after she broke new ground, competing in the first all English-speaking team in VSaikyo. While Team Snake Bite didn’t reach the heights Selen hoped, it was still a marked success with tens of thousands combined watching their streams across March and April.

With that big commitment behind her, Selen is determined to reignite her creative spark and planning even larger events, starting with broadening her circle.

“I want to go back to how it was before when I was reaching out to a lot of people and trying to network and get to know more people—making more collabs, events, creative things,” she said.

“I’ve been stuck in a little bit of a rut recently regarding creativity and what to do beyond streaming a game and calling it there. I feel like I used to be much more creative in the early days.

“After Apex Rising and VSaikyo, I’ve been reaching out more to outside the VTuber circle. I do have some collabs arranged regarding the Apex pro scene.”

There’s also plenty of other events on the backburner. The recently announced Fall Guys tournament is penned in for June or July. There’s even more collaborations with Nijisanji’s other branches on her list, and other agencies like Hololive too.

“I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of solo stuff recently, and I think what a lot of people loved was my interactions beyond EN-side. It’s what I’ve been lacking for a while now. I haven’t been exploring… and that’s what I’ll try and get back into.

“I do have some collabs with Hololive in the works as well. It was supposed to be in VSaikyo month… so that was delayed. There were a lot of things that were going to happen in VSaikyo month that got delayed a lot.”

One big commitment she’s trying to tee up is a Shibuya HAL-style ‘customs’ event for Western VTubers. The VTuber-and-pro-player mix the Japanese star has managed to cultivate in Apex Legends is revered globally, and Selen believes she can bring it to life.

“I would love to bring that sort of thing to the Western side of the community⁠—customs for VTubers and a mix of VTubers and pros, but mostly focused on the VTuber side.

“It is a lot of work. It’s very hard to do a tournament structure and I still have no perms, but I can do something similar to what Shibuya HAL does, which is something in the works. I don’t know how long that’ll take.”

She also spoke openly about wanting to host an international Overwatch tournament within Nijisanji, a charity relay event with her EN colleagues, and even revealing a new outfit in the jam-packed 50 minute stream.

Selen sent her fans off on a positive note though, thanking fans for all the kind messages recently, adding she’s feeling motivated to get back on the rails and break free from her rut.

Reading the fanmail really inspired me to do more again. I felt like I was hitting a rut, a little creative block and some coasting. It really reignited that spark in me to push my content again further and beyond. You guys gave me a lot of motivation.”