Nika Fukase Joins Shiga Prefecture’s Esports Team Lake Gaming

Fukase will be featured in a series of video uploads by Lake Gaming to promote Shiga prefecture.

Japanese VTuber Nika Fukase is joining LAKE GAMING, an esports team based in Shiga prefecture, as part of its public relations effort. Through the announcement, Fukase will be doing a campaign to promote tourism in the prefecture.

LAKE GAMING has also launched a new YouTube channel dedicated to its public relation efforts to promote their prefecture. A video was then uploaded featuring Fukase introducing the campaign:

Nika Fukase debuted in September 2021, and has focused her streaming content playing Minecraft and Apex Legends.

She rose to prominence in November 2021 after popular YouTuber and Trash Taste podcast member CDawgVA ‘raided’ her on Twitch, where she reached the 1,000 follower milestone later on.

A clip documenting the raid has since been viewed multiple times:

Fukase later on debuted a human-like model in July 2022, although she uses her first slug-inspired model on multiple streams. In October 2022, she opened up about how CDawgVA’s raid on her channel changed her life and inspired her to continue streaming.

Fukase is also a member of another esports team called Aurum Rect., focusing on Apex and PUBG gameplay.

Source: Lake Gaming on Twitter