MusicDrop: Non Anon on "Wander": Mischievous, Dark, and Fun

MusicDrop recently spoke with her following the creative direction of the track, as well as the inspiration for this track and message to fans regarding "Wander."

If there is one thing a VTuber aims to have their first original track evoke, that would be a sense of pride and meaning to themselves not just as a VTuber with lore but a story that evokes their creative concepts, bringing these ideas to life. Whether it's an inspiring story or a dark and mischievous tale, such oozing creativity is one would expect for a banger of an original song.

And that's exactly what Non Anon did following the release of her first original song titled "Wander". The track, done alongside Zensen, evokes a fun and mischievous tune related to her lore as a character from the Alice in Wonderland series.

We recently spoke with her following the creative direction of the track, as well as the inspiration for this track and message to fans regarding Wander.

Origins and Creative Direction of "Wander"

It is worth noting that this is your first original song. How did you decide on the theme of "Wander" prior to the production of the song?

Non Anon: I love storytelling, so I really wanted to make sure it is the key point in the song! I always love a dark and twisted wonderland story, so I went for something seemingly fun but with a dark ending.

I also wanted this to be something like a prologue or a chapter 1 but also with a story that stands as a standalone too if I don’t expand on it. I wanted the song to end on me being trapped in a mirrored Wonderland so that maybe in my future songs I can expand on the story even more!

Was there a specific preference on why "Wander" went the electro-swing genre?

Non Anon: Yes there was! I spent a long time trying to find a song that vibes well with my personality and character. I wanted something that gives off a very mischievous yet dark but also fun and funky fresh-as the kids may say.

I also felt like electro swing encapsulates everything I wanted for my first song! So the minute I heard of Zensen’s work, I knew immediately he was the one!

His electro swing songs were the exact vibes I was looking for! So I was very happy when he agreed to help me produce my first song!

Inspiration Behind The Track

Who would you say are your main musical inspirations for this track and why?

Non Anon: I think mostly Zensen? I was a bit lost in what I wanted except for knowing what genre I wanted it to be. But after listening to Zensen’s work I was incredibly inspired by his music, and knew exactly what I wanted.

He got the perfect vibes, and I love how he also incorporates a hidden story in all of his works too. I definitely recommend people checking out his works if they enjoyed “Wander”!

Message For Fans on "Wander"

If there is one word that best describes 'Wander', what would it be and why?

Non Anon: Can I say “Wander”? If not then maybe “Curiosity”? The story is about a girl who got too curious about a mirror in an abandoned mansion. But that curiosity got her trapped. So that curiosity is what started it all and in a way an end for her.

Is there any message you'd like to say to your fans regarding this first original song?

Non Anon: Thank you everyone for giving my song a little listen! I hope everyone likes it. I am not the most confident singer, but I hope that the little bit of storytelling and voice acting in the song makes up for my faults.

I hope people will stick around for future songs to come, and the stories that will be embedded in each one! I want to again thank everyone, and I truly wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity without everyone’s support!

We thank the team at PRISM Project for allowing us to have this interview opportunity before their talent's transition into indie VTubing. You can follow Non Anon on her official YouTube and X (Twitter) channels.