ONLive Convention Hosts VTubers Nyaru, 8THiR3AL Projekt's Azashi and Ren Shouta

The last set of guests for the Philippines' first VTuber-centric event has been announced.

The last set of guests for ONLive Convention has already been released: Shirayuri Production's Nyaru, and 8THiR3AL Projekt's duo AzuRe (Azashi and Ren Shouta).

AzuRe debuted last year as a VTuber duo under 8THiR3AL Projekt (Kamiya Juu). Aside from being a VTuber, demon jester Azashi is a vocal-focused musician who mixes his own covers. He is also open for music mixing commissions.

His other half, Ren Shouta, is described as an idol who is secretly an assassin.

Shirayuri Productions' variety VTuber Nyaru is announced as the event's overseas guest. Her Carrd page describers her as follows:

Nyaru is the eternal shooting star idol VTuber running toward her bright dream. After failing to become an idol in real life, she decided continue shining bright on a virtual stage.

ONLive will be held at Upper Box Events Space above Unbox at Promenade Mall, Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila on Saturday, April 22, 2023. Tickets will be available on-site for walk-in visitors.

Past guest announcements are posted here:

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