PRISM Project's Lana Shikami To Graduate on August 31

According to the agency, Lana has decided that she will be unable to continue her VTubing activities for the longer run due to her health issues.

Lana Shikami, a VTuber talent part of PRISM Project's fifth generation, is set to graduate on August 31, the agency has recently announced on their official Twitter page.

According to the agency, given her current health-related issues, no graduation stream will be held. Instead, a special message video by Lana has been posted.

It is worth noting that Lana went under a hiatus beginning August 5 due to health concerns. PRISM has noted that her condition has become uncertain, and that the talent has decided that she will be unable to continue her VTubing activities for the longer run.

"We understand that this is a sudden and saddening announcement for Lana's and PRISM Project's fans, but we ask that you accept and support Lana's decision to prioritize her health and recovery, and respect her privacy in this personal matter," the agency stated.

In her graduation message to her sunbeams, Lana has thanked all the fans and other PRISM agents for all the support they had given her over the past few months.

She has also asked fans to avoid bringing up speculations of her departure, as this was discussed with the PRISM Project management staff in private.

All of her membership and other exclusive content will be still up until August 31. It is unclear whether her regular videos and streams—as well as her social media pages—will still be kept up.

Lana debuted alongside Ami Amami and Kou Tsubame on April 28 this year as part of PRISM Project's fifth generation. At the time of this writing, she has over 6,000 YouTube subscribers and over 3,000 Twitter followers.

She is the second PRISM Project talent to graduate, the first one being Ushio Sumi, who graduated on January 20, 2022.

Source: PRISM Project on X