PRISM Project's Shogun Opens up About His Daily Life as a Producer

He also elaborates the scope of work of managers at the Sony Music partner VTuber agency

PRISM Project producer Shogun held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) event on the r/VirtualYouTubers subreddit Monday, August 22. This opened the opportunity for PRISM fans to know more about its ongoing audition for its 5th generation, as well as his day in the life as a producer for the project.

Shogun revealed his day in a life as a VTuber producer through his replies:

"[...] I can only speak for myself, but bearing in mind that I'm in Tokyo, I'm usually up by 6:30am, frequently have meetings with overseas clients in the early- to mid-morning, have 2-3 internal PRISM meetings every day, work on the business areas I mentioned above (accounting, legal, sales, marketing/media, admin, etc.) all afternoon, then watch PRISM streams in the evenings, try to clear out my inbox of emails in the late evenings, and hopefully go to bed by 12am-1am.

These days I've been lucky to mostly be remote working, but there are days I have face-to-face meetings that require a commute into the city, so there's a few hours of train commute in there sometimes, too!"

Another interesting answer Shogun provided is his scope of work as a talent manager, which in turn gives the talents more time to produce more content:

"[...] I'd add to your list things like liaising with external creators (for music or video projects, etc.), general project management assistance, social media management help (something we're looking to strengthen in the next few weeks to months), external sales work (for events like Crunchyroll Expo, but other opportunities we're looking to bring to PRISM as well), providing opportunities for professional networking and skill development, doing any kind of translating/interpreting necessary to work across borders (particularly EN<=>JP) and so on."

Aside from streaming support, securing permissions to stream select games, promotions and marketing, and providing feedback to talents, he elaborated the set of skills that their managers are expected to have:

"[...] I'll add to the task list in the other comment that our managers really have to be jacks-of-all-trades and be able to handle a little of all the business areas you'd expect: accounting, legal, sales, marketing and media relations, administration, tech support, and so on.

The first point of contact for our talents for any question or concern they have is always the management team, and so they really do need a wide range of knowledge and experience to provide the best support possible for each and every talent."

Banner Photo via @prismshogun